Thursday, July 9, 2009

One of Those Days/Brotherly Love

(This Post is Heavy on Pics)
Whats goin on Folks? So Today's story begins Yesterday morning. Now I try to tell myself each morning: "Today is gonna be a good day, I'm Feeling, Lookin, and Smellin Like a Million Bucks and ai't nuttin gonna stop my Shine" But Yesterday before I could even get my deodorant on a few things happened that blew my natural High! (Maybe I'll tell you later what it was, maybe I won't)
Needless to say, the terrible mood carried on into my day at work, so much so that I had to leave early. But during lunch I caught up with Che and he convinced me that we had to chill, so I told him we would after work. So shortly after clocking out I met up with him and about 30 minutes after that we both met up with Mylez. We went to go see "Public Enemy" and we all felt it could have been better. So I don't think I have to tell you how well things were starting to turn out. My terrible day was shaping out to be a Good Evening....

^^ ESPN Zone Bar during Lunch ^^
Don't worry I didn't drink

^^ Watching the MJ Memorial Ceremony ^^

^^ Walkin From 42nd to 34th ^^

^^ I had some Free Passes ^^
So This...

^^ ...Meant This ^^

^^ Headin Back Home ^^

^^ Leaving Time Square ^^
I felt and looked like a Tourist taking pics

So Today I was off and Mylez had decided that we should go to Jamaica Queens to chill and buy some stuff, and so I said "Hell Yea, we Out!" All in All it was a decent evening and following day. I guess what this Post really is, is a Thank You to my fellas, they make everything seem like nothing on days like this. Shout outs also go to Rich, he was tryna cheer me up at work and I must admit, it worked a lil bit. Good lookin Bruh!

^^ On the E Train to Queens ^^

^^ Saw This and Had to take a Pic ^^
oh and Look...

we bringin it back baby!! lol

So Good lookin to my brothers, Rich that means you too. Like the Song playin says: We gone be Major Baby!

Stay Up an Stay Tuned

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Jemeka said...

Niceee, I really like this one..I love how close you guys are.. :0)