Monday, March 30, 2009

March Madness

Whats Good Folks? I know its been a dry month, but I told ya'll it was gonna be that way. lol But don't worry, April is here in a few days and I'm back with Blogs Galore for all of ya. A few things went down this month.

-The Fellas had a few shows, some radio interviews and such and even got a new site up. check them out.
-Perse's Birthday was on the 6Th and we celebrated it at Catch 22 where we celebrated Killa's Birthday. As you may or may not know I partied so Hard at Killas Party that my camera Broke. So no Pics from Perse's party, at least none that I have.
-Dirt's Birthday was on the 25Th and on the 27Th we celebrated it at Club Taj, which Ironically is on the other side of Catch 22 lol.
- I learned that I went from bad eyesight to flat out Astigmatism in my right eye, joint ruined my day when I found out but its all good I guess.
- I got my new Curve 8900. BlackBerry is where its at Meng!
- And thanks to my Myspace page being hacked, I now have a new page, so Add me, my URL is

Overall I'd say its been a good month, good weekends, Back to back, and I'm finally workin again. I work at TopShop/TopMan, a new Store opening up in SoHo at 11am, April 2Nd. So come through and shop around!

My Mommy and little brother are leaving to Honduras next week, so it looks like imma have open crib, so be ready for the blogs to come for the time they're gone lol.

Guess that's about it. Here's a few pics from this month:
^This was takin on the way too Brooklyn for a radio Show with the fellas^

^This was when we got back (I Think)^

^Me with The Rasta Wig^

^Me foolin around at work, I'm gonna buy these Glasses and get them prescribed^

So I guess thats sort of a catch up on March's events and all. Like I said be on the lookout for April, I plan on bloggin more often and keepin ya posted on any and all things goin on in the wonderful world of Eno.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!


Anonymous said...

Hey Eno, I like your march madness. You definitly had alot going but i can't wait to read your April adventures..

Anonymous said...

Eno, Sorry its Keana. I forgot to mention my name in the last comment. That I like your
March Madness.