Monday, March 23, 2009

WTF is a Father?

Fa•ther[fah•ther] n. -
        1.  a male parent
        2.  A man who exercises paternal care over other persons.

This is the dictionary's definition to the word 'Father', so technically, by definition EVERYone on this planet has a father because as we all know, no women alive can reproduce a sexually. But for those people (like myself) who say or feel like saying "I don't have a father" allow me to speak on your behalf.

See in my almost 22 years of living, I've been with my Family which consists of My Mother who is my best friend, My younger brother who is also a best friend and my mothers husband (my biological father, but I no longer consider him to be so.) In those 21+ years My Mothers husband has made both his physical appearance and financial aid present to my brother and I but I personally feel that it takes way more than both to make a man a "Father."

Let me tell you all the things that My Mothers husband has taught me: 1. How to Drive (which I would have eventually learned myself) 2. How to ride a bike (which I love to do so naturally would have picked up on as well) and 3. Always shake after I urinate (C'Mon, that one is a given.) So why the need to air him out via the world wide web? Well I've disliked My Mothers husband for longer than I can even remember, but out of respect to My Mother and respect to the fact that I am the fruit of his loins I've pretty much, for the most part kept my severe dislike for him to myself. But it wasn't until recently that it was brought to my families attention that the fuck is a Cheater, Liar and all-round asshole deserving of nothing more than a decent funeral entitled to any and all mankind. The words out of his mouth to My Mother were and I quote: "I am tired of Edwin (my real name for those who didn't know), Rudy (my younger brother) and I'm tired of you!" Well News Flash asshole, I been tired of you for as long as I have had memory, but for you to speak those words to my mother pushed my dislike for you over the top converting it into hate! So I've always said "Yes, I have a father, but I'm still from a single parent household" but now after disowning him I say "No, I don't have a father" I'm sure many people can relate, in fact I Know a few who can. Its always been a wonder to me how a man can start a family that he's not ready for and in time grow to be tired of them. So for those in search of their father in this vast world, and for those who don't know what its like to have one, take my word for it (from MY experience) they're not all they're cracked up to be.
In fact when Anthony Hamilton said in his song "Coming From Where I'm From" that he's scared to have kids and grow up to be like his Daddy was to him, I don't think there was anyone else listening who agreed and felt those words more than I did. So if you ever hear me say "I'm not having kids" understand its just my fear speaking out, fear of becoming worse than the piece of shit man who came before me.

So if My Mothers Husband is reading this, which I'm sure he's not because it would require the basic knowledge to use a computer I'd like to say: "I'm tired of you too nigga, and the sooner you leave me and My Family, the better. I can't believe My Beautiful Mother has put up with your Bullshit for the past 23 years. I'd say more to you but I fear that any more words would cost me severe frustration that could possibly lead to breaking my phone in which I am typing this passage and care more about (my phone) than I care for you!"

To all the real Fathers in the world, like some of my uncles, friends and so on and so forth: Keep up the good work, to all those like My Mothers Husband.... God be with you, cause he and I know very well that I'm not.

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Anonymous said...

hey Edwin how you doing .. you already knew your pops wasnt shit and i hope everything is going well 4 u and the family time will say