Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is She comin Back?

*Aight I'm not sayin I'm a fan of his AT ALL (LOL) but Soulja Boy's joint "Turn my Swag On" is aight. I'm also feelin the remix with Weezy (who I'm overall tired of), Jim Jones, Jadakiss (Who is still a Muh Effin' animal).

*Aight I'm not sayin I'm a fan of his either, AT ALL (LOL) but The Dream "She Rockin' that Thing" is aight, I find myself singin along to it when the joint come on.

(Anyone who knows me, knows how hard it is for me to admit something like that. So you know those records must be good)

Ryan Leslie doin' it big all over again with "How it was Supposed to Be" with Jada the Problem.

And who can forget my anthem "Blame It" By Jamie Foxx. Word to everything I love The video for that song and Kid Cudi's video to Day N Nite (original Beat) are the two NUMBER ONE videos of 2009 so far. I saw Kid Cudi's joint for the first time last month on my homegirl Kya's blog, (Check her out from my profile) but due to my Black History Month posting I couldn't mention it. Same goes for Jamie. C'MON now, Ron Howard? You know how strong your pull gotta be to get Ron Howard in your video? If you don't know who Ron Howard is Google/wikipedia that man. His Resume is definitely up!

50 going hard like he always does.
I haven't Heard Kanye's Album yet but I'm on it
And Luda, Your album is number one on my "Gotta go Cop that" list.
My Baby Kerri Hilson Gettin it in. She keep telling me I'm turning her on.

That Kid Drake from that show Degrassi (I never watched that, so I apologize if I spelled it wrong) signed to Young Money and he's doin aight
Asher Roth got that Song called "I Love College" got me wantin' to pack my bookbag and enroll again.
Black Eyed Peas is back with that 'Boom Boom Pow' joint!

[As for my favorites, The Underground. (My niggas), and I mean that literally!]

June, I see you baby! You better make sure I get my Copy of "All Mixed Up" EARLY! Free or not I'm payin you 5 just cause'. Lol. Keep cockin' that bitch to the side like ya Mistress lol.
^Get Used to seein' this Face^
Eff ya calander itz My Man

And I gotta shout out my Man Dwayne "Deascent", (MindState) doin his thing reppin the BX, you Next up at Bat my nigga, widen' ya stance, keep ya eye on the ball and hit that bitch into the supermarket that's across from the Parkin Lot.
^My man D, My brotha from another for real^
Reppin the South Bronx to the Fullest!

BXL IS FINALLY ON THE RADIO! Word to Don Fransisco (Google it) I'm prouder of my brothers than a single mother watching her only child graduate from Med School. PLEASE continue to call in and Text Hot 97! Make sure the phone blows up over there. To call Dial 1-800-223-9797, and send all texts to 75759. Support the movement people!
^HOT 97, CALL EM!^
The Bronx is mos def back up on Top!
BXL is Hosting the Homecoming.

Is it Possible that my baby (Music) is finally comin back to where its supposed to be like Mr. R. Leslie said? Well I Just hope that me posting this is not a jinx and that It goes back to its (now) regular state of garbage. I guess what I'm saying is I'm proud of where music is at this moment. I've complained about it being at a dying state for a while but it seems to be on its way back up. Shout outs to all mentioned and please people keep the garbage in the trash, ONLY support the real music that's out there, keep it quality, not everything that shimmers is Gold.

Stay Up and Mos Def Stay Tuned!

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