Sunday, March 1, 2009

Eno's Home

Phew, that was my longest posting month ever. Lol well I'm back ya'll and that means we're back to regular scheduled program. Did you miss me? Cause I sure did miss you. Well before we start catching up on the few things that happened in my world in Feb just let me say that there's many other people who I felt deserved to be spoken of during Black History month, but the ones mentioned are just the ones who I felt best filled the 28 slots, so if I missed one of your favorite people......... OH WELL! Lmao, nah but maybe next year.

So February ya didn't miss much but at the same time a few things happened and I will now give them to you in list form

*Killas birthday is on Valentines day so that Friday the 13Th we celebrated it at a club called Catch 22 (BOY OH BOY Was that a night or what?)
*BXL got their single "In the Air" played on Hot 97 by Dj Enuff. SO please call (1-800-223-9797) or text (75759) to request it.
*I got a new job and I Start training in 6 days
*I bagged about 6 or 7 girls this passed month and don't really remember how anyone of em look like. (I gotta take it easy with the liquor)
*Judy (Dirts wife) had her Birthday Party at Club Body on Friday Night (BOY OH BOY Was that a night or what?)
*My pops Birthday which I'm sure I mentioned was on the 2ND
*Mom went and came to and from Honduras
*Lil brother began considering his first tattoo and guess who's responsible for making that a reality (Points at himself with his thumbs) that's right! This Guy!
*Bonnie went to get her 4Th and 5Th Tattoo at My Shop and I think they came out dope.
*Theres more but I can't remember them at the moment lol So Holla At The Bull

*** And please be advised... due to the extreme efforts of posting my self given homework assignments on every night of February, March is gonna be a slow month post-wise here on The Bull Pen. So feel free to contact me if anything.

LATA Folks, way later.
Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

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