Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Day in the Life: (ThrowBack)

Well recently after years of being talked into it my team convinced me to be the official Videographer and follow them around getting footage. Well I didn't wanna do it, but after seeing some of my previous work (Footage I've taken) and realizing how much I love watching my brothers on film I thought to myself "Why Not?" Plus its like my man Chris always says: "Don't Limit yourself" Plus, Like Photography I love the idea of having video captures of moments in time. So say Hello to the new and first 'Head of Media management' Eno Bull. So I was going through our (Buddy Mylez, BXL, and My own) accounts and came across this video. It was a fun day and I was just behind the camera enjoying the bright weeather, The cool breeze and the overall good time spent with my niggas. So although I know not all days will be like this one, Im lookin forward to times like this and better or worse. So Peep:

We some Funny ass dudes man. Remember the Big Baby video? We got videos for days, So although this will not become a video Blog, be prepared for a few more videos here and there.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

1 comment:

Jemeka said...

I love all the videos..Watch em all the time..Maybe a little too much Lol..Definitely remember that big baby one LoLoL..Might be my fav..

Oh one more thing..This is THE best blog page..Eno ur the ish Lol..Ok I'm gone....