Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Heart and Sole

What's goin on ya'll? How's ya Black history month goin? Lol, Yeah, ya forgot huh?
It's all good, I'm not here to bust ya chops about that.

I was talkin to my mom and brother last night and I said to them "You know, it occurs to me that I am always gonna be a SneakerHead. It's obvious (now) that's not goin anywhere." Lol. But if my sneaker addiction is a dark cloud (which I don't think it is, lol) then there's of course a silver lining here.
I'm sure a lot of ya know, if you've been following my blog since day one, but for those of ya who don't know, my love for sneakers is one of the main reasons why I became a photographer.

Back in 2006/7 I joined an online sneaker community called NikeTalk. It's a large message board/forum site for sneaker fiends just like myself. Then a while after that I got a gig at UniQlo where I met some good friends who were also sneakerheads. Needless to say I just became a bigger addict. I bought a lil Sony Cybershot digital camera to get pics of my kicks to post on NT and the whole nine. Lol.
Anyway, soon after came retirement and I sold off a good chunk of my collection, don't ask. That was right before I bought my first professional DSLR camera in 2009. But now here I am a few years later, back at it. Buying a few pairs a month and slowly but surely becoming a regular on  NikeTalk again. Lol.

So this morning, in my boredom, I decided to take a few pics of some of my newest pairs just for the hell of it.

 Check it out:

These are a pair that I originally saw posted on NikeTalk by another member.
I immediately fell in love. I'm a HUGE sucker for  Air Max 1's 
and this colorway just screamed out for me.That Cheetah print. MMMMM! 

Again, Air Max 1's. One of my 2 ultimate favorites in the Air Max
line. These in particular are a pair of NikeiD's.
I've designed over 30 pairs of sneakers there
and finally, I ordered these earlier this year. My first pair of ID's.
The colorway was inspired by the Nike Cortez' that Tom Hanks wore in the movie
Forrest Gump. 

And these here are my OG Air Jordan XIV's (14's)
Nickname: Oxidized. Released in 1999
I remember I had these in 6th grade. Jeez Louis! I was in love.
They were my 3rd or 4th pair of Jays at the time & I remember I wore them til they didn't
fit anymore. My mom made me give them to a cousin of mine and they've been nothin more than a distant memory since.
So recently when I found them for a great price online I HAD to cop lol.
That's right I have a pair of 14 year old kicks! Jealous? Lol

For the first time ever I took photographs and didn't edit them in anyway. All I did was add my logo to em and that it. No color correction, no sharpening or blurring. These pictures are as raw as can be. I wanted to get back to the essence of my photography so I went with the oldest muse that I could think of.

I'm sure this is gonna help me become an amazing photographer. Whenever I'm feelin un inspired I'll shoot some flicks of kicks and relay that same energy to any and everything else.

 This is what my pictures were lookin like when I was 
still taking them with my phone! Lol
These are Nike Supreme Trainer II's
taken with a SideKick LX.

And then this is what they looked like when I 
got my Sony CyberShot digi cam.
2006 Retro Air Jordan "Grape" V's.
I think we can call agree I've come a long way! Lol.

Anyway. Hope ya enjoy. Keep em fresh ju heard!?

Stay Up, and Stay Tuned!

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