Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Uniform

This post is about hoes.

I know what you thinkin: "Eno always disrespecting women!" WRONG! I'm disrespecting hoes. Why? Because hoes don't deserve or have earned any respect, at least not mine.
Sit down and let me explain myself.

First let's play a lil picture and word association game.

First off: What is the profession of these men?
^That is correct. Police Officers.

But how did you know they were police officers? Nothing in this picture says "Hey, we are New York's Finest." Ahhhhh, correct you are, their uniform. Very good.

Now, can anyone tell me what this man does?
^Did you think Thief, robber or criminal?

I bet you did, but why? Because you saw him with a ski mask and a gun right? What if I told you, "This is not a robber, just plain ol Rob." Then why the ski mask? Well Rob gets cold easily and it's winter time, so a regular ski cap or skully won't do the trick. Oh why the gun? Rob lives in a dangerous neighborhood where he never intends to ever use his gun, but you never know. Oh and the gun is legally owned, registered and he has a license to carry it.
Are you thinkin to yourself? "Bullshit!" I know I was and I'm the one typing the words out. 
What's my point in all this? My point is that the way you look tells the outside world more than just what your "style" is.
You know that age old saying: "Don't judge a book by it's cover?" Well that's bullshit too. I believe that expression works ONLY when referring to an actual book. When it comes to people however, that goes out the window. Yes it's true, you SHOULDN'T judge a book by its cover, however we tend to forget that many of us walk around with the preface to the book written all over our faces. 
You see, a lot of females choose to wear tight leather and sexy cat suits and sometimes close to nothin when they go out. They post pics that leave little to the imagination on Instagram and then minutes later they post a 'tweetgram' demanding the respect of a lady! Bitch! I can see ya twat! There's nothin lady like about that.

So then they end up being perceived as this:
^That's right Hookers!
(I wanted a more realistic pic but this is all 
Google had for me that wasn't too crazy.)
And even strippers get more respect then hookers! You see ladies it's important to remember that you can be "Sexy" without being trashy. When I see you in the club with your clothes that screams "Come Fuck me!" revealing all the lady parts that only your significant other should be able to identify, I'm not thinkin "Lemme not call her a bitch, cause she's a lady" No. I'm thinkin "Hoe, lemme rub my dick up on it!"
Yeah that's raw, nasty, vulgar, whatever you wanna call it, but I don't believe in being politically correct. I'm always gonna call a spade a spade! A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet, but I'm still going to consider it to be a rose.

The same applies for men. A lot of dudes walk around with their pants so far off there waist that you wonder what the point of wearing them is. 
Think about it fellas, do any of you have a mother or grandmother that will never stop considering you to be her baby. No matter how much facial hair you grow, no matter how much you tell her "Ma/Grandma, I'm not a baby!" Chances are that'll never change cause some things are just the way they are. However, think of the visuals you use to aid your grandmother. Your grandmother knows how to differentiate a boy from a man. When she goes out and sees all the HS students on the bus what does she see? Lil boys with half their asses out, right? So think: when's the last time your grandmother saw you in a suit and tie? Or even a clean button up? When's the last time you came in to her house and she didn't have to remind you to pick up your pants. Your grandma has no interest in seeing what underwear you chose today. I'm not saying go change your wardrobe, but if grandma thinks you're a baby then you're not helping your case by being dressed any different than a child in high school.

The point of all this is, we all portray something when we get dressed and walk out the house in the morning. 
So when a woman says "I dress how I like doesn't mean I'm a hoe!" Then I can grab a gun and a ski mask and say "I like this look, doesn't mean I'm a thief or criminal" or "Nah I'm not a cop, but I love their navy blue slacks and hats that they wear" Consider your everyday clothing a costume. If we see Pirate we're going to say pirate, no matter how hard you want us to believe you're a hero.

Our costumes, or uniforms is what lets the world know how they're going to treat you or approach you. I know it may seem vain but these are the harsh realities of life. Remember to dress for the job you want, not the job you have... With all that said, I'm gonna go get ready to hit the club and see which one of these hoes is gonna pop it for a real nigga tonight! 

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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ha i see what u did here , funny thing is they still might not get it