Friday, January 18, 2013

All the King's (Wo)Men?


As usual, it's been quite a while since I came back with some real for ya, but it's 2013 and I've sort of vowed to myself that I would blog a little more than I did last year! So here it is: the first of the new year.

I have a topic that has been formulating in my head for a while now, so I now wish to share it with ya.

Now for starters:

King: (noun) 1 a: a male monarch of major territorial unit; especially one whose position is hereditary and who rules for life.

Key word: Male.

Queen: (noun) 1 a: the wife or widow of a king
                        2 a: a woman eminent in rank, power or attractions.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way let's talk about it!
About 2 or 3 years ago, a girl I'm friends with on FaceBook changed her name to King Sweetface or something of that nature. Now this girl is the text book definition of beautiful at least in the physical sense. So naturally I couldn't understand why such a beautiful Queen would refer to herself as "King" but no big deal I guess, I brushed it off. Not too long after, about a year ago, I met the homie King Gypsi. A dope female MC that I was fortunate enough to meet in my travels (check her out, she's dope. Follow her everywhere) Again, very beautiful, and more than just in the physical aspect. Very smart, a thinker and someone who is always guaranteed to provide a thought provoking and intelligent conversation. So again, I couldn't understand why such a beautiful and strong Queen would go by King.

I can understand to an extent where the idea comes from. I happen to know that even Kings seek(ed) approval from their Queens. It's like the scene in the movie "300," not only did Leonidas check the messenger from Persia for comin out of his face to his wife, but he also looked at her and requested her approval with a simple look prior to kicking homie dead in the chest into that bottomless pit. We remember that right?
It's understood that the woman is the mother of the Earth. It's a women that birth the men that eventually become Kings. So they deserve our respect. But in that same respect should they not have the respect for themselves and with pride and honor play the role of the Queen rather than presume the position of King?

Here's my thing, to me a woman is by far the most beautiful of all of God's creations. The mothers of our children, the teachers of our society, the glue that keeps our families together. Have we not been raised believing that our mothers were Superwoman? I can't remember learning about any female king. And this is not all to say that a women is inferior to a man. That's not my intent at all. What I'm saying is that a Queen is as equally as important as her King. Don't they say behind every good man there is a woman? Think of the game of game of Chess. The Queen moves around the board as she pleases, she protects the King, her role is bigger than that of the king. Is that not something to take pride in? Is being the woman not a badge of honor?

I mean look at the Queen of England. She runs the whole show and it's been that way since February of 1952. Even in the Jungle the King, the Lion plays back seat to his Queen when it comes to hunting and providing for the family. Shit, when you think about it, you can almost say that "King" is nothing more than a title. It's evident that the woman is the one that rules. And that proves to be true even in most modern day marriages.

 I spoke with my homie King Gypsi about the topic and asked where the usage of the 'King' title came from because I noticed more and more females using it. She explained to me that it comes from the fact that the men or the "King" of today are not worthy of royalty. The lack of guidance and the negative behavior is something that has led her to realize that she has to hold the highest honor herself until a true King, a real man steps up and plays that position. Which I understand, like I explained to her. I know where she is coming from. She taught me about Hatshepsut, her husband was killed and her son was too young to rule therefore she was bestowed with the position of Pharaoh. Which I also understand. She explained to me that in the absence of a man the woman had to play the role and take on a big job of holding the house down. Which is beyond admirable and respected (at least I know I respect it.) However with all that said, I still would never approach a woman and call her "Sir" or "Mister." Because a woman can and often does hold down the fort. There's way too many women out there that are the heads of single parent households. How many of us are products of that type of home? There is millions of women out there who hold C.E.O and President positions of companies, but with the utmost respect we still address them as "Miss."

Ladies I know and understand that ya want us to recognize and acknowledge the fact that ya'll are independent. In fact some of you won't ever let us forget it. Ya want us to know that ya can be just as strong as a man, ya want us to respect ya and we do. But if you're gonna be King then where does that leave us? And I don't want you to mistake all of this to mean that we not strong enough to play our role without you.
You know one time I thought to myself, at the height of this women's independence revolution, well if they can do any and everything for themselves, what do they need us for? It's like those DJ's in the club with all their "Ladies if you don't need a man because xyz......" nonsense. (That's an entire different blog topic all together.)But ladies ya do need us, and I say that because I know we need ya. No one wants to be and or die alone. Just because we can do for ourselves doesn't mean we don't need companionship. I can tell you that from personal experience. I've been single damn near forever, and it hasn't killed me. In fact it's only made me stronger. Maybe too strong to where my heart is callused and my pride is solid as stone. But even with all of that, it doesn't mean that I don't feel loneliness some nights. There's a such love that you will never get from a family member or close friend that you'll get from a spouse. So if you're saying you're holding down the King's seat until such a suitable King arrives, then I understand, but even while in his seat just remember that he with the two balls and cane is the king. Sit where you please but remember that you are the Queen and that is a position of ultimate importance.
Sad to say, but I guess I have to accept that this is just a part of today's society. The men wear women's clothing and the women all call each other "Daddy." Lol, there aren't any lines that haven't been crossed or erased. It's almost as if sex and gender is nothing more than a state of mind. 

No disrespect to any of the females mentioned or females alike. This is me simply exercising my right to share my opinion. I would not only accept, but I will encourage any and all rebuttals as long as they are equally respectful.

With all that said I only ask that we all be the best version of ourselves as we can be.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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Anonymous said...

So mothereffin tru!!! Women need to brace womanhood and being a queen even if a King is not in the picture! Sometimes women fall into this I'm stronger n can do bad all by myself mantra...tht when they finally get a man they drive him away because they not letting him be "the man" I learned the hard way tht women have to embrace some type of submission and Men has to embrace tht and show their queen the utmost respect!