Monday, January 30, 2012

No Days Off!

What's goin on Bull Penners? How's life in 2012 treatin ya? I been m.i.a for a lil while, but please understand that my procrastination has been based solely on the fact that I've been thinkin to my self: "Ahh it's only (input calendar date here), I'll have some more posts by the end of the month." Only to be hit with the rude awakening of realizing that today is already the 30th... Sheesh, is it just me, or did January breeze by in the blink of an eye?

Anyway, for those of you who did not know, yesterday was Rudy's birthday. Damn! My lil man is 20 yrs. old. I literally remember like yesterday carrying him when he was a baby with a bottle and pacifier. I still remember all the cursing he used to do when he was around 3 or 4 years old, and my mom and grandma would get mad at me cause they thought I was teaching him foul language, which til this day I say I was NOT. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Lol. Now he's a grown ass bearded man who I refuse to carry and can curse all the hell he wants as far as I'm concerned. Lmao. So I just wanna give my lil brother a HUGE shout out on his second day of being a 20 year old man. I love you dude. Make this the greatest year yet!

Aight now movin on to the subject at hand. I got somethin on my chest that I wanna get off. It may get a lil ugly. Funny, but ugly, you know like Michael Blackston! Lmao.
But I want ya to feel me on this one. On Friday it hit me: "There's a million professions in this world most of which not only grant days off, but reccomend them as well..." However there are 2 amongst those that do NOT allow days off. Ready to hear what they are? Barbers, and Drug Dealers! Have a seat hear me out here.


I've said it a million times before and I hope I don't have to repeat it another million times. "As a barber or a drug dealer, you have a serious reponsibility to your clients, and that responsibilty should be taken very seriously!" Further more, both of these professions require that you have an active (notice the word "ACTIVE") telephone number to which your clients can reach you in the event that they are in need of your services and or products. Not having your cell phone is not only a "bum ass nigga" move here in the year 2012, but it's also a slap in the face to the people who are looking for you. Think about it, you're like a doctor, except you don't get paid nearly as much, unless you're a dealer from the Heights in which case, you may even make more than doctors. But we not talkin about those drugs, we talkin bout Weed. Cause honestly speaking those are the only ones I know lol.

Fellas I know you feel me on this scenario: It's Friday evening, you just left work, you think about all the plans you have comin up this weekend and how you wanna get fly. You bought a whole new outfit, you got money in your pocket and you feelin like $999,999.00, you would feel like that million but your hair is gettin a liiil longer than you like it and that widow's peak is peekin! Lol. So you think to yourself, "Aight lemme go see Tone. Tone is your barber, you know just as well as he knows that you don't go to aaaany other barber in town. Cause to you Tone is thee best, and plus he's been cuttin your hair since you started getting allowance. So Tone know just as well as you know that come Friday after work you comin to see him.
So you step in the shop and Tone aint there... You see the big nigga that has the last chair in the back (You know the big nigga always has the last chair in every barber shop) and you say

"Ayo Mike, where's Tone?"
Mike: "Oh shit, he just left like 2 hours ago?"
You: "What the fuck B? Did he say if he was comin back any time soon?"
Mike: "Nah son, he aint tell me nuttin."
You: "Aight."

So now you think "Lemme call Tone" and the operators voice on the other line and says: "The number you have dialed is not in service, please try again." So you instantly get pissed off! How the fuck is Tone not in the shop, and then have the nerve to not pay his bum ass phone bill! Lol
So you wait and figure "Fuck it, Mike been cuttin hair here for 2 years now, he should have gotten it by now and you let him cut it. He does a decent job but he doesn't do the job you used to, but you don't wanna risk your hairline lookin any worse so you say "yeah that's good" pay him call it a day and go about your business....

Later on that night you hit the club with ya boys (who by the way saw their regular barbers) and ya party the night away. Come Saturday morning you see your picture on 7 Days 7 Nights and All the Parties dot com (no free promo out here) lol and you look at yourself and think "Shit man, my hairline make me look like a nigga named Mitchell!" Lmfao, no offense to niggas named Mitchell.
So you see where I'm going with this now? If you are a barber you have an obligation to your clients. If your phone is off find a way to get in contact with your clients if you're not gonna be in the shop. If you are not gonna be in the shop make some sort of announcement, send a text blast, a BBM broadcast, anything, but let it be known so that when the fellas come in lookin for you they're not left in the dark.

Drug Dealers:

Weed salesman in particular... I can't speak on this topic as in depth, but I can shed light on the subject. Is it just me or is it that not one nigga that sells weed ever have his phone on? That shit is a blow.

So you get a call from your new joint and you know she tryna get it on like Marvin Gaye, but she would feel a lil more comfortable if she were high! So you think to yourself "Fuck it, I wanna smoke too! And shorty got the CAKE!" So you tell her, "Aight ma, meet me at the crib in a hour"
So you call ya man Worm cause Worm got that FIYA! And the operators voice on the other line says: "The number you have dialed is not in service, please try again."

You: "Get the fuck outta here B!"

Lol. So now you start thinkin and going through your mental roler-dex thinkin: "Who got weed at this time? Cause I aint going out in 13 degree weather to knock on Worm's door" plus that's wild addict status. Then you remember that this spanish nigga down the block got some decent shit. It aint as strong as Worm's shit, but it's sour and it def get's the job done. So yo go see him and he tells you he's out.

You: "Get the fuck outta here B!"

By now, shorty calls you.

Shorty: "Yo I be there in 6 minutes"
You "Aight yo, I'm out here lookin for bud, these niggas out here is slackin!"
Shorty: "Whuut? Damn yo! I mean if you don't find it we can just chill.."
You: "Oh nah, imma find it."
Shorty: "Bet."

So you call ya man Derrick cause Derrick is the ultimate weed head, but he smoked all his shit up and his dealer just so happened to sell him the last of his product for the week. So shorty shows up, but you have no weed. What do ya do?

Shorty: "I mean we could watch a movie"
You: "Yeah I guess"

You already know aint shit going down cause ya game aint tight like that and the only way she was giving you the drawers is if you got her high. She barely let's you touch her titties and before you know it, she gets a call from a nigga who got 7 different types of bud! Ha! She hits you with the "Aight, I gotta go." Lol.'

So now you see where I'm going right?

Drug Dealers Keep your phone on, and keep your stock high.
Barbers keep your phones on and keep your clients informed.
Niggas that do both, if your phone is off just kill yourself!

I hope I've made myself clear. These are the 2 professions in which days off and lack of contact is NOT allowed. You have a serious obligation to those who seek your services. For you to not be available or out of reach is just unacceptable. Point Blank Period! You want a day off, go be a construction worker, or a lawyer or something, or anything else I don't need. Lol. I just had to get this off my chest ya!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned

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