Friday, January 13, 2012

(Sad Face Here)

Yaaaoooooww! What's going on ya?

This one is funny. To me at least. Lol.
So the other mornin I was chillen with my homegirl and we were talkin about a lot of things. One thing in particular that stood out, in fact the only thing that stood out was when she said "You're sad.... cause you're single." Lmfaooo!
What the hell does that mean?

I decided I wanted to touch on the subject cause I'm sure there's a million people like me out there, single and chillen, so why not discuss it right?
So basically we chillen and somehow the topic of relationships come about. She mentioned hers and seems soooo happy about it! Lol, I'm being sarcastic in case you didn't pick up on that. So I say to her, "All you people in relationships make me happy to be single" and she replies with "No, you're sad, cause you're single?" What nigga? Lol I really found this shit amusing. So I say to her: "But you not happy. You the sad one." She say back to me "Yeah, but it's crazy, when you single you're depressed cause you have no one, and then when you're with someone you get tired and then you're depressed cause you wanna be single"

Allow me to step away from this subject for a second and explain that this is EXACTLY why I say women are confused creatures that don't know what they want. Lol

So I respond back with a blank stare and then ask: "Whaaaaaaaat?" With that Bill Cosby face.

So she then goes on to mention that I MUST want a relationship cause all my peers have girlfriends. News flash baby, I aint the type to jump off a brige cause my friends did it. But I let her have it, so let's just get away from that for a second and lemme break a few things down. Yes all of my peers have girlfriends, as a matter of fact I am the last single man I know. Crazy right? But wait, maybe it's not crazy, maybe I'm the genius here, cause all I have around me is people tellin me "Stay Single my nigga" Lol

I of course won't mention names but I've seen fights worse than MGM Grand in Vegas with these people in relationships, serious break ups and make ups, the whole "Fuck that bitch, I'm tired of her," and claims of headaches that should be covered by some sort of insurance. Lol I could go on forever. So what is the real deal? Why not just keep goin on the way I have been? Lovin a different woman every weekend, comin and going as I please care free with no headaches and no one to check in with? One of my homies even said that havin a girl is like going from one mother to another. Another told me: "Sometimes I be mad happy with my girl, but then she's the same one that drives me to cheat. She blows mine and I fugure, fuck it. I might as well cheat if I'm being accused of cheatin" Lol, Nah G!

^Look at this^
One of those girls in a relationship still
gave me her number, and look how
that turned out. Lol

I mean, like I told my homegirl, "Yeah I wouldn't mind having someone, but lack thereof doesn't make me sad." I'd rather be alone and content than with someone and constricted.
Keep it a hunnit, how many of ya are in a relationship in which the cons out weigh the pros? How many of ya done cheated multiple times in the last month alone? How many of ya say ya happy but in all reality ya just bored and ready to move on, but you don't because it would be an inconvenience to start all over agin with someone else? How many of ya be thinkin "I mean I do love her/him so I don't just wanna leave" but then hide your phone so that he/she won't see that text from the mistress or side piece?
Basically what I'm sayin here is, don't assume that because someone is single they are sad the same way I don't see you with someone and assume you're happy. As long as condoms are on the racks I can't be sad. Lolol. Do I yearn for someone? Yes I do, and someday I will have her, however right now I'm not ready for the headaches and the "Where are you? Who you with? And hat ya doing?" texts, I'm not ready to fall in and out of love in the matter of 4 months, and become comfortable so I cheat because I can and don't leave cause there's time and emotion invested.

Look at your situation and realize who the "sad" one is. As for me *gets text message*.... Welp, my Tuesday hoe just hit me! LMFAO! I'm outta here man. Take it easy ya'll!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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