Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pictures VS. Photographs

Yaoooooowww! It's a been a minute aint it?

I had a DOPE ass post to put up, however speakin on the topic would be giving away too large a secret of the world of men and I personally don't want my balls revoked. So I came up with somethin else.

I was in the car with Mylez earlier and he told me "I found myself scramblin for a new default cuz..." and then he went on about how we used to have high comment photographs on a consistent basis. Very true. I explained to him that I myself had been without a new default in quite some time but told him we'd be back in the Matrix real soon. So in that moment, with the help of him and Isaiah I came up with my/our new movement. 'Pictures VS. Photography.' Allow me to break it down. See with SLR Cameras apparently being on sale worldwide and every nigga being able to afford them it's becoming harder and harder to be a photographer these days. And of course, let's not forget instagram. I hate iPhone users cause of how fuckin arrogant they are, but add instagram to that and it's complete over the top hate that you get from me! Lol

I mean understand..... Matter fact never mind all that. I've said a billion times before that there is a huge difference between a picture and a photograph and I personally feel that it's about time I showed the world what that is again. So to Mylez and to all of you who follow me, all my Muses, everybody, Eno is back big baby! We don't need photo shoots to show of my talent! So let's get it, let's show all these iPhone usin muh fuckahs and gwc's (Guys with Cameras) what a true photographer is. Let's remind people what the difference between a picture and a photograph is.

^^Ya see what I'm capable of... No pictures here, and these are my throw-aways! Ya can hah dese! Lol, It's on niggas. Who ever want it can get it. Pictures VS. Photographs, find out what side you on and get your gun locked and loaded, cause my trigger finger itchin and this Canon dying to speak! Fuck Instagram.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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Jason D. said...

Eno love this! I am part of a group called Lightwriterz that feel the same way. We are group of a photographers form around the around the world. Our slogan is "Pics are taken, photographs are made." Nice work definitely no pics here son!