Friday, March 25, 2011

Privacy and FaceBook Etiquette

Now before we start, be Honest with me, matter fact forget me, be honest with YOURSELF: How many of you went to "Google" and or some other online dictionary to figure out what the word 'Privacy' meant. Lmao. Cause it's obvious to me that Privacy no longer exists.

Hello I'm Eno Bull, you may know me from such places like, Twitter @EnoBull, FaceBook: Eno Bull, or a nice lil blog called "Tha Bull Pen" (Respect my shameless plugs! lol) and I'm here to talk my ish!
Back in the Sidekick days (Don't front like you didn't own at least one of the 4 or 5 sidekicks that were out) when AIM was still poppin I remember I wrote a blog entitled "My Away Message" - Go ahead click it and check it out, it'll make both of our jobs easier here. Did you read it? Well ladies and gentleman those frustrations have made their way back, except, AIM aint poppin anymore. So where would this frustration be coming from? That's right, you guessed it... FaceBook!

I honestly never thought back in 08 that it would get worse than AIM away messages, but boy oh boy was I wrong. Day after day on this social networking site I'm learning thin gs about people that I never cared to know. Lol. Somethings are funny, some are boring, some are a little frightening and some are just down right inappropriate. However they all have one thing in common, they are allllll private thoughts that should not be shared. This is where the word 'Privacy' comes in. Remember a time when you called a friend or a trusted comrade to tell them your secrets? Or a time when you had a journal or diary and put all your thought down on paper? Remember a time where there was a such thing as closed doors? That no longer exists. In fact I know what some of these women look like naked or half naked. I know what your bathroom looks like and whether or not you decided to clean it before you took your new default/profile picture with your Blackerry.
I know that you have a problem with Jasmine Smith from the 4th floor, I know that your pregnant and your mom doesn't know, I know who your baby father is, I know how you feel about your bf or gf, etc. etc. Please cut it out folks... this goes back to the post I did about the Suckers for love on Facebook. Remember those?

Ladies, Gentlemen, "What's on your mind?" means you type in "Having a great day, it's lovely outside, hope you're all enjoying your day as well." Lmao. Or "I love my mom and my family." Or even "Going to a concert tonight" but telling me that your baby father is a piece of shit, and he didn't show up to court today cause he doesn't wanna pay child support, and that you're so tired of his shit and that you know he caught the clap from his new girlfriend is just tooo much information. You know I'm judging you when I read this stuff right? Lol.

Grammar and Spelling

Here's another thing. Now I for one tend to misspell a few things, I intentionally omit the use of the letter 'g' at the end of words such as "somethin," but some of you butcher the English language and quite frankly I'm effin tired of it. Here's a little lesson for those of you who obviously never walked into a 3rd grade classroom.

I'm = I am
am is not to be confused with I'm

Their = is Ownership
i.e. "Their attitudes suck" not to be confused with "There"

Your = Possession of you
You're = You are
So I would say something about "Your bad attitude", not "You're bad breath"

Did you understand any of that? Of course you didn't. Sucks for you tho, this is not English 101. Go take a class!

But yeah some of you go on rants and everything is misspelled and the grammar is usually straight out of a horror flick. Which only leads me to my thoughts which usually go somethin like this: "This nigga got some nerve to curse out and insult this other nigga but should have his/her head in a damn book, or at least be watchin Sesame Street with his/her children.

Photos of Everything

As a photographer and all round family oriented man, I LOVE pictures. However even I feel like some things are just for you. i.e. Your (see how there's no apostrophe here, You're learning - Isn't this fun?) baby's picture fresh out of the womb is something you print and put into a photo album along with thousands of other memories you will have of your kids. Facebook does not need to see you sweating your weave out giving birth. I mean who even takes these pictures? Lmao. A photo of someone's tomb stone although taken for obvious reasons and is understood is also something that you should maybe keep in your scrap book and or photo album. And b y photo album I don't mean your facebook album. See where I'm going with this guys and girls?
And sidebar, If you're gonna be a hoe, then by all means baby, be a hoe, but if you got that sexy pic where you're topless and you're holding one arm over your breast so as to be "teasing" us, make sure your 3 year old daughter is not sitting on the bed behind you in the picture. Oh yeah, I've seen it!

I really could go on forever, but I'll just leave it at that. Cut the shit folks. If you have beef with someone, be a man/woman and address it in person, or at least over the phone, stop droppin subliminal threats on FB , If You just caught herpes or somethin to that nature, don't share it with us, in fact don't share that with anyone except your doctor. Stop postin the abundance of nonsense that ya post. Be cool fools, It's Facebook, not to be confused by listening ears, diaries or journals. Truth be told, the people who like and comment on your status' are usually laughin at you, not with you. Shit I know I am.

So there it is. Take it or leave it. This was not a shot to anyone in particular, but if you feel it was to you then hey: If the shoe fits, then buy it and go buy a matching shirt to wear em with.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.


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