Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gift and a Curse (Like it or Leave it)


What's goin on folks? Very random: But have you ever felt like: "You know what? it's not me, it's the people around me who are crazy, I'm perfectly sane! The nerve of this world to make me out to be the crazy one..." Lol I feel like that all the time.
I only ask cause lately things been..... funny, for lack of a better word. Before I go any further please take this time out to pause and look over to the left hand side of this site page. Under the "Who is Eno Bull" section you'll see a disclaimer where I mention the whole purpose for this blog. I may have to revise it but as of now  you'll see it states "I love to share my thoughts but I know not everyone wants to hear them so I figured why not have a blog so only those who want to know whats on my mind will know." In other words THESE ARE MY OPINIONS! THIS IS MY BLOG, I CAN WRITE, AND SAY ALL I WANT. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IT, LEAVE!"
But moving on Lmao... My last post rubbed a few people the wrong way, and quite frankly I'm not surprised. But in a sense I'm glad that it all turned out the way it did because now I have more points to add to today's post. Remember when i told ya I was gonna make up for the lack of posting? Well this topic was already written out in my head when I posted the last one.

The whole point of this one was simply to reiterate the fact that I Eno Bull am an overly opinionated man, and very very VERY often my opinion is different from that of the average person. If you and I disagree does that make me a jerk? If you answered "yes," then guess what, you're an asshole. Check this out. In case you didn't read the "About Me" section I am a man that speaks my mind, I've always been this way. I practice discretion and I know when and when not to say certain things. I of course do not suffer from Tuorette's (Spell Check) syndrome so I don't have outbursts, but if the moment comes where I feel like the need to express how I feel, I do. However (any of you out there that are anything like me know) whenever that moment comes and I speak out and say anything that goes against the grain then Eno's a "Hater."

Of course! Because I feel "The Jersey Shore" is the dumbest shit to ever hit television, I'm a hater. Because I say "Nah, I don't like those sneakers I (IIIII) think they are whack" I'm a hater. Because I tell you that "I hate weaves" now I'm an asshole etc. etc. etc. Really folks? For Real? Why does no one ever stop to think "Hmmm, I didn't know there was a human being alive that felt differently than I did about things in life." Or why does no one ever think "Eno is not a hater, he just thinks for himself!" or I don't know, think what you want, but to label me anything solely based on my opinion of something different than yours not only makes you out to be the ignorant one, but I bet your a republican too you jerk! Lmao! Nah but seriously....

Folks what I'm tryna say in all this is that: We live in a world where people aren't real anymore, everyone is simply a slave to trend and media. Most people don't even know what they like, want or need, they just know that Monclers are the greatest coats of all time, and that if they want to look cool they have to have em on. They don't care for comedy so much but they like a certain comedian because the masses of people say that he or she is funny. Do you really like those sneakers? Or do you see Gucci signs and completely stop caring about the style and the deign and just drop $450 because of the name? Se we live in a consumer based economy, and whatever they try to sell you trickles down to everything else in society. So it's as if preference has disappeared so to speak. You're all robots and I'm still human, I still think for myself and I still make decisions based on my own personal feelings and thoughts not what's "In"
So when I say I don't like this and I think that's not cool, don't look at me and call me a hater, simply think "Well he hasn't been programmed yet, he's still thinkin like a human" It'll be a long time before they get me folks. My opinion is yet to be swayed by the actions portrayed by Trey Songz. Cause he says it's cool don't mean imma go out and buy it.

So again, I'm not the crazy one here, you are. Because I still think for myself and I don't care what the masses say, I still move to the beat of my own drum. Don't call me a hater just cause I disagree with you. And if anything that I have said here today has in anyway offended you, or made you think that I'm not such a nice guy then simply say so (to yourself) and don't come back. No need to try to verbally assassinate me via FaceBook comments and or want to stone me. Simply understand that I disagree and am entitled to do so! Good Day!

Stay up and Stay Tuned!


M33KS::4::MVS!C said...

Eno seriously..I don’t think you understand how much I LOVE this place Tha Bull Pen!!!! You’re soo effin REAL (and I don’t even cuss! LOL). Your style of writing is so awesome! Do you understand that?? LOL

Ok ok, anyway..This right here had me ROLLIN -> "If you and I disagree does that make me a jerk? If you answered 'yes,' then guess what, you're an asshole." I LOVE it! Listen, who cares what people think?? You and I refuse to become clones, and that’s just what it is!! =)

Sadique said...

See this is why I respect you. You've shed light on all the things I've always said about others and myself. I'm glad we're comfortable being us.

ENO ONE.... said...