Friday, September 30, 2011

New York, New York pt. II

What's going on folks? Episode 2 is here.
I realized that a few days had passed and I was starting to drift away from the desire to finish the post. So before I lose all interest in this topic allow me to finish up what i started.

So where were we? Ah yes, my thoughts on the fact that there is 2 different world within my city right? Well just like there is two different worlds within my city I have 2 different thoughts about it. I like it and I dislike it for several reasons.
I like it because it leaves my area a mystery to those who dwell in and visit the big city of dreams. When people visit they either hear from someone in the city or someone back home wherever they are from, that they shouldn't go to the Bronx, or to Brooklyn. It's like Manhattan is the Pride lands and all other places in New York are the forbidden shadowy area that one must never go to! (If you're not a Lion King fan, you may not get that last reference.) In other words, the Bronx, and Brooklyn and parts of Queens are just infested with drugs, crime, and it looks like some sort of battle ground from a movie. Or at least this is what people think.

I strongly dislike this because, well damn.... How would you feel if the average person who lives outside of you're area thought you came from some sort of ghetto where you're best friend is a crack head and you have to run home from work and school everyday. Or tell me this people, how would you feel if someone (from your city nonetheless) asked you "Wait, isn't the sky brown over there?" < Believe me when I tell you I'm not making this up. A girl from Brooklyn, BROOKLYN, right across the bridge asked me that one time.... She literally with a straight face, asked me "Ain't the sky brown in the Bronx?" Wow shorty, you need to get out more. Another one from Queens came to visit me and said out loud "I did not know that there were houses in the Bronx" or what about Buddy's homie in Brooklyn one time who literally looked us both in the eyes and said "Bro, I can't go to the Bronx man, I don't have a gun and it's night time." Or our homie in Ohio who dead ass asked me "What's the life expectancy in the Bronx? Like 16 years old?" After I gave him  a strange look he said "Nah, must be even younger than that right?" Damn B! Lol
You see where I'm going with this? It's this ignorance that my borough is a wasteland where only heathens and monsters live. Granted, I'm not gonna lie to you and say that there aren't areas that are bad.. Like Cam said "There's a war going on outside." Yes this has proven to be true, but this is EVERYWHERE..... Every state, every city has its tourist friendly spots and the areas where you don't wanna be caught in after dark.
Case in point whenever I go to Ohio (Columbus) I here that the West Side is less than friendly. In fact I wanted to go there (for reasons I will not share lol) and I was actually convinced that it wasn't a good idea. People from the East don't mess with people from the west in Columbus, Ohio, and vice-versa. So I'm here speaking to you on behalf of the Bronx and it's residents. The Bronx is indeed "The Hood" but when looked at through a different perspective it's freakin beautiful.... From the Grand Concourse down to Southern Blvd. To Morris Park back up to Fordham. From Cedar Park (The birthplace of Hip-Hop) back to Crotona Park. Tremont ave, Third Ave, University, the Projects, the Private Houses (That we DO have), the building and the shelters, My city is beautiful. You don't have to agree but that's what I'm tellin you. I'll vouch for the Bronx til I die because this is where I was born and raised and I turned out pretty damn good if I must say so myself.

So I guess what I'm saying is, the invisible barriers are there, and they are definitely felt, but It's not all that bad... Are there abandoned buildings here? Yes, are there crackheads? Yes in some areas, but that's not all we're about. There is a higher percentage of people here who are hard workers, business owners, talented artist, amazing thinkers and all around great people. So if you're visiting my city, don't be scared to get off the Tour Bus driving through Time Square hop on the 2, the 5, and 4 trains and come uptown for a lil bit. I promise you won't get shot. Come visit the Bronx Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, Shop at Bay Plaza or Fordham. Maybe catch a movie (even tho I watch movies downtown too Lol) Yes there is "Ghetto People" here, but to fully experience this city you have to take the good with the bad!

I guess those are my thought on the subject. In fact I've even considered writing a book about the Bronx, but I'll get back to you on that.
For now Enjoy these pics I took for ya.

I was Gonna let ya know which ones were taken in the BX and which were taken in Manhattan. But eff that, I feel the pics speak loud enough without telling you were they came from.

(Click Images to Enlarge)
All Photos taken by me. All Rights Reserved.

So which New York are you? Which one do you want to get to know? The Jay-Z and Alicia Keys New York or the Cam'Ron and Jay-Z New York? Lol

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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