Saturday, September 24, 2011

Take it Down!

What's going on Bull Penners? By now I know you know that to me this is more than just a blog. This is my personal journal where I express and share all my experiences, my inner most thoughts (not really) lol and whatever else.

So this blog post is no different. This time I'm using it more so as a documentation. Remember the post "Losin It" like 2 years ago? Where I bought some dope ass expensive Rock & Republic jeans that fit about 2 sizes small? I told myself rather than return the pants I'll challenge myself to lose the weight to fit into the pants. Yeah that didn't work, I hung the pants outside my closet, I looked at pictures of the niggas in the catalogue and seen how dope it looked on them, etc. etc. etc. After about 3 days of "working out" I said "Fuck it" I'll give the jeans to someone who can fit em, cause by the time I can fit em shits will be all types of played out" Some will power huh?

However, believe it or not, I'm tired of living in the body I live in. Don't get me wrong, I'm confident enough to take my shirt off anywhere, as I'm sure you've noticed once or twice, but I just feel it's time to prepare myself for my mid 20's and there's no way I'm going into them with the same attitude and look as I've been rockin since I was 11.
Furthermore I feel this will help a great deal with the ladies! Not that I'm doing extremely bad in that department, but you know. Lol, say what you want, but women are just as shallow as I am. Yeah I may be cool and have a dope personality but if they aint attracted then you're doomed. You will be considered "Just a Friend" forever. Let's face it, unless you drop dead gorgeous, or filthy rich, the girls aint checkin for you, and I'm neither or. I know not one female who has "Fat" on her criteria list on top of all that. So seeing as how I was just recently shut down by the last girl who will ever shut me down, (the girl of my dreams-Remember Kryptonite) I figured, "maybe if you started workin out, lost some weight turned your body into something straight out of a surfer magazines, this wouldn't happen again" < I'm hard on myself, I know. But yeah.... I've decided that I'm gonna cut out the juice, avoid all fast and fried foods, I'm gonna stop eating passed midnight and I'm gonna start running again. It's gonna be painful cause anyone who knows me knows that juice is my crack, and 2:45am is my regular dinner time. And if you know me, you know I wouldn't run to save Keri Hilson from a burning building, Alicia Keys? Yeah, but Ms. Keri baby? Sorry love.... Lol. Never mind me and my jokes, it's late. But yeah, I refuse to be 25 with man boobs, plus I've wanted to get my ribs tattooed since I was like 19 and that just wouldn't look right with love handles. Basically, there's a lot I'm missing out on here by having this body, don't get me started on how annoying it is to shop considering fashion stops at a sz. 36 for men. So with all that said I guess it's time for a weigh in huh?

 ^Here it Is^
Live &in Living Color
No edits no nothin, this is all me.

^And this Here^
This is my first glass of water.
It's gonna be a loooooong winter.

So there you have it, I've given you yet another in depth tour of what's going on in my head! Now what other blogger do you know gives you realness like this? Not many if you ask me! Lolol.
The Diet starts today! Just water, no fried foods, no fast food, no eating passed midnight, oh boy... I can see the mood swings now! Pray for me folks!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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Lady Ty said...

You can do it boo! Keep ya head up!