Wednesday, December 28, 2011

She's a Freak!


So earlier today a random though came into my head. You know when that happens it must mean a blog post is brewing in my head.

[DISCLAIMER: This post is intended to make you laugh but it can come off a lil serious and borderline offensive. If you are the type to offend easy, please leave now!]

So earlier today I had a random thought. You know 73.6% of the time those lead to a blog post right? Lol. So I said on twitter:
"There's a few different way to determine whether or not shorty is a freak"
You know the ladies took the bait right? Lol. So they were askin me things like "Please do tell" and "How can you know?" I simply replied to them: "I'll blog about it" and so now, without any further adieu, these are the 5 determinin' factors in finding out whether or not shorty is freakin off (In no particular order.)

1. Girls with One letter Names:
(Even if you spell it out) That's right, we all know em Lol. These are the girls we call 'Dee', 'Jay', 'Kay', 'Em' (short for Emily), 'Q', 'T' and 'V'. These girls freak off and there's really no explanation as to why they do it. Lol Now it is important to remember not to confuse these with girls who have one syllable names, now those girls are fun, however they don't all freak off. So there you have it. Girls with one letter names. Q, call me girl!

2. Girls that hate Wearing Clothes:
You know about these? They walk around the house bucket nekit (given there is no company) and they have very little clothes. They don't necessarily dress slutty but they usually cannot wait to get home and get naked! You may even hear em slip up and say it some time. The most she wears around the house is boy shorts and there's no way in hell she is coming out of the house if she is already "comfortable" if you get my drift! Lol, No clothes = Freakin Off!

3. Girls with Children
Children are living, walking, and talking proof that shorty bones raw! Get mad if you want ladies but that's exactly what it means! Lmfao! I now know that you went raw AT LEAST (the amount of kids she has here) times. Ha!

4. Girls that Smoke
We've all heard it: "If she smokes she pokes." No need to go any further with this one, it's a scientifically proven fact, moving on!

5. Girls that get Brazillians
Think about it for a second b... Why else would she be gettin her whole joint completely hairless like Dr. Evil's kitty if she wasn't plannin on puttin the kitty on a nigga. Lmfao!

* So yeah I've given them to you all! Fellas pay more attention, look for these things when you dealin with a girl and take it from there. Enjoy.

Honorable Mention
Girls who Live with their Grandparents
If shorty live with "Wela" and "Welo" or "Grandma" and "Grandpa" or just one of the two  but not her parents she is Freakin Off, simple and plain. Don't believe me? Find you a nice young lady who lives with her grandparents. Good Night.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!


Sadique Blaqueberry said...

I'm guilty of 2,5 and I lived with my Grandma at some point. You got me lmao

MakeupbySoulangie said...

You're stupid! LOL

Anonymous said...

Guilty 5 out of 5, lol.

Eno Bull said...


Anonymous said...

4 out of 5
No kids over here, lol.