Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Niggas Excuse

Written a few weeks back, published today. Enjoy:

Sup my people? How was everyone's weekend? Mine was pretty effin cool. Started on Thursday night and has been action packed til tonight. Lol
However, this post has little to nothing to do with my weekend.

So the other night sitting at home surfin the web I saw my little brothers glued to the screen watching "Beef." For those of you who don't know "Beef" is a documentary series that follows either rappers or sometimes real life drug dealers or crime lords what have you, and it documents either a particular incident or series of incidents that these people have endured. Of course it's always a senseless and ignorant rap dispute or matter of someone getting shot. Often as a result of doing something that they shouldn't have been doing in the first place.
You know, last night I was at my aunt's house with a bunch of my cousins celebrating my uncle (their father's) 62nd birthday, and my cousin (who shall remain nameless incase she doesn't agree with me sharing this) said something along the lines of "Ahh, these kids, why bother teaching them...?" It may sound really harsh to you, but I agree with her and I'll come back to this point in a minute.

See on this particular episode of beef there was a rapper by the name of Obie Trice and he was sharing his story of how he was shot in the head and had to drive himself to the hospital. I'd be lying to you if I told you I knew how that all unraveled because quite frankly, that's all "Nigga News" and I have absolutely no interest in it what so ever. So along with Obie's interview there are interviews with people who I assume where there or are close enough to him to know what happened. This is where it gets interesting. I'm sure I'm contradicting myself because I just told you I have no interest in this stuff but here I am telling you I was somewhat intrigued. Lol, Bare with me here folks.
So amongst other things some of the things I hear are bullshit excuses as to why these people become involved with crime. Drug dealers, killers, rapist or whatever crime of choice these people have chosen as a path in life being justified with pure utter nonsense.

"You gotta understand where we come from. We come from da hood and we aint have nothin growin up"
"See such and such didn't have a father, so as a way of filling that void he did xy and z"
"We were poor, so of course he had to steal"

This is where I get upset. Granted, there are hardships in life, and many people have it harder than others. But please, for the love of God and everything that is Holy do not use these things as justifications for doing things that you KNOW for a fact are wrong. If through some strange outcome of circumstances that life hands us, you do not have a moral code, I'm pretty sure you at the very least spent 3-5 years in school. Remember school niggas? That place your parents sent you and you sat in a room with 24-30 other kids just like you? And there was an adult person in the front of that room? That person was called a teacher, and I'm sure he or she taught you what's right from what's wrong if your parents (or in this case, for the sake of this post, your mother) didn't. So the whole "I had it hard" excuse is totally irrelevant. I get upset with these things because I hate the idea of people thinking they can get away with shit because they didn't have a pops or because their family was poor. Oh, so that makes it okay for you to rob an old lady on the train on her way home from God know where? "I don't have a father, so you know what, I don't know that mugging someone's grandmother is wrong." Or "Hey, me and my family are poor, let me walk in this store with my gun that I somehow managed to buy with my household's very low level of income and rob and kill the man behind the counter who's only working to provide for himself and his family in a legal and honest way."

See what I'm saying? What does being poor or not having a father, or being raised in a rough neighborhood have to do with morality? You seriously don't see anything wrong with these things being used as excuses? I know a few people who grew up without their fathers, and almost everyone I know is poor (in the sense that I don't personally know anyone who is rich or has and has always had millions in their bank account) and none of these people have ever been involved in some sort of illagal activity. So please spare me the "product of my environment" mentality bullshit. Let's try to figure out what this is really about. What is the real reason for these crimes and these people's overly inappropriate behavior? Are we gonna blame the music for the billionth time? Because honestly I'm tired of hearing that one. Or are we gonna blame the streets, and the bad influences found on them? Nah, that one is old too. Why don't we blame it on the real reason... The REAL reason... The parenting or lack thereof. That's right, it's not the music's fault, music is just music, it's not your child's peers or the negative influences of the streets. It YOU! The bad mother or grandmother, or father or whoever the hell you are raising children in today's world. Call me what you want but I blame the parents before anything. Granted some kids are just born assholes and no matter what you do they will somehow end up bad apples, but for the most part I feel a parent is the cornerstone of a person's character.
If you never sat your child down, told him/her to shut up and listen, if you let that kid be out at all hours of the night with those creatures he/she called "friends" if you worried more about being a friend than a parent and were too weak to discipline him or her then guess what, at least half of the fault for your child robbing that bank is yours. You didn't have to be involved to be blamed. You see it all the time, these kids end up on "Scared Straight" kicking and screaming and behaving like wild animals and all they have as an excuse is "I don't know who my father is" Stop it!
I feel like I'm being redundant but all I'm saying is that the parenting has got to improve is we're gonna have any good people in the future. So you see why I agreed with my cousin when she said "Why bother teaching them?" Cause I obviously doubt it's the schools and teachers failing them. It's the parents. I know I've said it a million times but it's because I truly believe it. I wish I could be guilty of some stupidity and look my mom in the eye and say "Mom we're poor, that's why I did it."

I'm getting upset just talkin about it. So I guess on that note I'm done. Please folks, especially you rappers, stop using these bumass excuses to do your dirt. I'd respect you so much more if you said something like: "Yeah I did it for the rush, you know I'm a dickhead and I just wanted to do it  for the hell of it." Than to blame your actions on anything or anyone else than yourself. I know sometimes there's cases where it's the right place at the wrong time, but unless this is your situation, stop the nonsense, you know why you got shit and I have no sympathy for you. Good Night.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.


BrookiiBrooke said...

Man you hit the nail on the head with this post! Love it! People, especially adults, need to take responsibility for their own actions. Nobody made them do anything. It was free will. I say stop the silly excuses and grow the hell up!


Eno Bull said...

Word Up, I could not agree with you more!