Saturday, November 27, 2010


Yooo! What's good Fam? How was ya Thanksgiving? I hope ya ate like Mobsters before the "Unfortunate" death of an informant! lol I know I did...

Anyway, I'm not gonna speak much on Thanksgiving, I mean what can I possibly say that hasn't already been said about the holiday by everyone else? However I will say this: It was an amazing evening spent with my entire family. And if you know me you know that means the world to me. And Speaking of Family:


^Where it all Started^
2:30am? Keeping his parents up already lol.

"Dallas you say?" Yes! Lil Baby Dallas Anthony, my new nephew, the latest addition to the family.
So when I get home from the Thanksgiving celebration at my aunts house I get on the computer of course and  see whats goin on (like I aint know it would be a bunch of post TG reviews) on FaceBook and right before I decide to sign off I came across Perse's status message that read "Baby Time" hmmmm... So I thought, "Did his wifey go into labor?" The baby wasn't due for a few weeks, and I had just been joking with her about her water breaking that night... lol, But anyway I text'd Perse, discussed the situation with him and he explained to me that she was in labor at the hospital. I offered to drive over to be by their side but he told me it was too early. So I went to sleep and without missing a beat text'd him as soon as I woke up. Asked how things were coming along, hoping that I didn't miss the birth of my beautiful nephew. He told me he still hadn't been born so I told him that regardless of how long it took I was gonna show up and spend time at the hospital with them. So I chilled for a bit, got up, walked Juno and thats when the text came in "My son is here!" Naaaah man, you serious man? Shit! lol, I missed it, ahh well, I got ready, packed my camera bag and asked my pops to give me a ride to the hospital. When I got there I was kindly told that the patient (Perse's wifey) had been moved to another hospital..... "Thanks for telling me Perse!" (whispers under breath, "fuck") lol. So I go back outside, hop in a cab and head over to the new location. When I got there I told the lady at the front desk what the purpose of my visit was, she told me where to go and off I went to the third floor. I made a left at the elevator, right at the corridor and God knows what else before I found the room where my lil cuz in law lied in bed, while the new Daddy and grandma sitting along side of it hovered over my new nephew......

Damn son! My cousin got a son! It's such a crazy feeling... And if this is how happy I am for him, imagine how happy he is. I give my sis in law a kiss, give my aunt a kiss, give my cousin Perse dap and a hug like I aint seen him in 10 years man! And that's when I saw him, the man of the hour, all 6 pound 7 ounces of lil baby Dallas Anthony. That kid was white as hell boy! Lol. Looks just like all his fathers baby pictures lolol. I didn't carry him cause carrying new born babies scares the crap out of me.. lol but I did  speak to him and watched all the smiles in the room as I recorded his little movements and took pictures of him with his family.

I went outside the room with my cuz and hugged him again, so happy and proud that he's a new father. We chopped it up for a minute and went back to being in awe over the new life that has entered the world on the cold afternoon of November 26th, in the 2 thousandth and 10th year.

I mean I've seen my aunts have babies before, even my cuz Julie, and of course a few of my niggas, but Perse is like my big brother, (not that the rest of ya are not) so it felt different seeing him hold his own seed. No offense Julie lol.
I'm Still in awe, and for the most part don't really know what to say aside from the fact that I'm very happy, and proud of my cuz and his lady. Just another thing to thank the big man above for during the Thanksgiving holiday. I mean he was born on Black Friday, it can't possibly get better than that... So God, like I said last night: "I wanna thank you for blessing me with another day of life, I wanna thank you for my Parents, I wanna thank you for every last member of my huge family, and I especially want to thank you for bringing Dallas into this world today (yesterday) a completely healthy baby with 10 fingers and 10 toes, and making my family that much bigger." You the man God! Thank You!

 ^Baby Dallas and Daddy^
I would give ya more picture but they're being saved for the parents.


Welcome to the world Dallas Anthony.... You got a huuuuuuuge family, get ready for life with a bunch of crazy Hondurans lol.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned Folks.
P.S. For those of ya who don't know I have a huge infatuation with names and their meanings. I don't know why or when it even started, but something about names intrigues me, and theres something about the name Dallas That I Effin Love man! Great choice in naming him ya. I love ya. Take care of my nephew. Perse we already spoke so you already know. Later!

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M33KS::4::MVS!C said...

Lovely! New life is oh so precious! Congrats to his parents! I love the name toooo! =)