Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Concrete Jungle

I was thinkin, you notice I do that a lot? But I was wondering, why would a man travel thousands of miles to visit parts unknown and study animals in their natural habitat. I mean I guess I understand the nature of curiosity, but if you really wanna study animals, I say come to NYC!

Out here you see things, things that might remind you of the Discovery Channel. We have Lions, Tigers, Snakes, monkeys, rats you name it I've been on the train with it! And who can forget mating season, I know a girl who's been pregnant more than Katherine Jackson, and aint one of them damn kids gettin her out the hood. Lol. Sad right?

Mating calls? "Sup Ma? Can I Holla?" S'That simple!

Invisible borders? Of course, Don't cross the el train, the wolves is wildin on that side. Its feeding time and your on the menu.

Parasites? We call em Bums, watch em ask you for a dollar.

Vultures? Let's just say we call em haters. Watching you, waiting for you to fall and spoil over so they can eat you up and laugh about it.

We all just animals one way or another. I'm a Lion, in more ways than one. Some are rogue hunters, and some hunt in packs, but like everything is a hustle we all eat one way or another! New York, New York, My favorite Jungle. National Geographics hasn't discovered you, but I wouldn't trade you for the world.

Stay Up, Watch your back, and Stay Tuned Folks.

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M33KS::4::MVS!C said...

You're a flippin GREAT writer! Love it..