Sunday, October 3, 2010

Got the Guages, No Shotty

Sup Folks? How the Hell have ya been? I meant to post this blog a few days ago but Blogger been actin funny style with me. So since we missed the end of Tattoo Appreciation month I figured I'd fill ya in. I finished my "Life/Death" tattoo that I started for my birthday last year. Took me forever, but every time I walked into the tattoo shop i came out with a whole new piece instead of finishing this one lol. Anyway, I went in about 2 weeks ago to see Matty again and got it shaded in. Took bout an hour more or less, And I love the end Result.

Check it out Meng:
About 95% Healed

Another #TaTuesday
Pic taken by my boy Dwayne.
Homie said I get tattoos like haircuts! lol

So for those of you who don't remember the meaning behind the Tattoo check it out here: "The Rose of Life and Death"

As for this Here:
"Got the Guages, No Shotty"

Since about the time I was around 12 I've loved the idea of gauges and ear stretching. My 7th grade teacher, who I had a meeean crush on had her ears a lil stretched and some long ass dreads! DOPE! lol.

But yeah, I've always loved the idea of stretching my ears (not too big tho) and I've had my ears pierced, rockin these princess cut diamonds that mommy bought me for 7 years now. So I was thinkin "Might be time to step it up just a lil bit.

Instead of just jumping in face first into it tho, I decided to photo shop this picture of me with em in my ear to see how I liked it before actually doing it. I loved it, and I think it fits me and my style. Only thing keeping me from it is mom being all mellow dramatic about it and saying that the things I do (Piercings and Tattoos) depress her. I mean i have her blessing to do what I want to do with my body, but her saying that ha me thinkin twice lol. So who knows, maybe I'll do it and maybe I won't (Please be advised that your opinion matters nothing to me on this subject :D)

But anyway, that's what it is and that's what its been. Thanks for stopping by folks!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!