Saturday, September 11, 2010


Honestly there's not too many word for this one! I'm just lookin out for my brother from another "Deascent." I've known this man for 9 years this month and I call him my brother cause we got nuttin but love for each other. (I would say "No Homo" or "Pause" but I'm under impression that if your reading this your an adult, or at least mature enough) But anyway, the whole time I've known this man he's been an Artist, with the gift of gab on the Mic.  And now his career is about to take off. He's put out a few collections of work, and this is his latest. South by South Bronx (SXSX) So check it out and Support!

^The Cover to the EP^
Make sure you click it to download it

Support #GoodMusic & #BoofedMusic Lmao, Remember that one D?
*That joint "Ghetto" is my ish! 
Ayo D, your music is what we need in the game, like I told you, I love how you've matured musically and still managed to keep your style. You gone make it Bruh! And you know anything you need I got you bruh.

Video interview of Deascent on the Star and Buckwild show:

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and Give him a Call sometime:
(646) 334 - Nah, I'm playin LOLOL

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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