Monday, September 13, 2010

JustmuGz' Tats

So after the success of my tattoo appreciation post the other day, I asked my Twitter followers if I should make September the Tattoo appreciation month. Not too many people responded but the ones who did, said I should... So I figured cool, I'm gonna do what I can to share some more stories with ya. Some will be my own, and some may be yours, either way Its gonna be a month of enjoying and celebrating ink.

My boy muGz (I've mentioned him to ya on the blog a few times) was supposed to do the interview from the first post, but he fell behind and said he was gonna make it up in a video and send it to me. I said "BET!" lol. So he did and so I figured I'd give him this post. So with all that said, check it out and enjoy:

^Mugz Tattoo Video interview^

Dope right? Don't forget to check my mans out on YouTube doing major things in the music game
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*Good looks on the shout outs and all That bruh! You know you got your support out here in the Big Apple!

Hope ya Enjoyed the post folks.
Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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