Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pain is Only Temporary

What's goin on everyone? April already? Lol, well time waits for no man right?

So to those of you who follow me on Twitter you know that 2 weeks ago Tuesday was dubbed "TaTuesday" by yours truly. The reason for this cool name change is because it was the day that I was goin to get my new tattoo. I've been talkin about getting my chest tattooed for around a year and it finally came to reality on Tuesday, March 30th.
Before we get into the amazing Pics taken by my good friend Chris (CFK Photography) allow me to break down all the aspects of the six words that now lie across my chest.

Initially the tattoo was gonna read "Pain is Only Temporary" and the reasons for those words were simple (to me.)
See "Pain" is anything, not just physical discomfort, although physical pain is of course included it was more so intended for many other things. Like Mental anxiety, Financial instability, situations we go through with other that leave us hurt, etc.
The idea came to me a while back. I don't remember exactly what I was going through that left me in a slightly depressed mood but I quickly reminded myself that in time I will heal and get over whatever pain I was going through. So with that the idea of the words "Pain is Only temporary" was birthed.

As for "Truth Hurts"
That came about a week prior to my Tattoo date.
Buddy and I were sitting in a local Diner around the way waiting for some friends, and like usual, we began conversing about females. One of the topics we came across was the females we've dealt with that weren't honest to us... Lied to us, or did something that was dishonest in nature.
Throughout the conversation I remembered one of the greatest things my mom has ever taught me and that was: "The worst thing you can ever do is tell a lie, telling someone the Truth might hurt, but eventually they will get over it and continue to live their lives, but if you lie it hurts more when they find out because you didn't give them honesty." So I told Buddy what my mom told me and he remembered my pending tattoo idea, and said "Well those two phrases can easily be put together: 'Truth Hurts but Pain is only Temporary" instantly adding more, in-depth meaning to the tattoo.

So it now symbolized all the things that I just mentioned AND it also means now: "I'd rather you keep it real with me, don't worry about my feelings, tell me the truth no matter how hard it might hurt, It will only hurt for a portion of the time that it would if you lie to me" get it? So when I finally went to go see my artist Matt ( -- Remember I mentioned him a few times on the Blog?) Those are the words I gave him to draw out for me "Truth Hurts Pain is Only Temporary" the rest is history.....

Hope I was clear in what i shared with you, and with all that said I give you my Tattoo session via a few pictures, enjoy!

So remember folks, for those of you who already know me, those of you who will someday meet me, anyone who I have a relationship with remember I have thick skin and it take a lot to hurt me, so rather than lie I Expect you to give me the truth, TRUST me, I can handle it.

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Stay up and Stay Tuned!