Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eno's Wish List

What's goin on Bull Penners? Well It's no where near Christmas time, but so what, I was sittin hear and I was thinking of the things I wish I had. Don't get me wrong I appreciate allll the things I have and I don't take em for granted at all. But c'mon we all have a "Wish List" folder on our computer right? Don't lie to me, yes you do, if its not on your computer, its on your iPhone, Blackberry or in the back of your mind somewhere.... lol. Anyway

Mine should be called the "These are the things I would give my left nut and my Right Pinky finger for" List! lol
and without further a due, here they are:

^Never mind the Camera, I love my baby^
but that:
85mm 1.2 L-Glass Lens
is a must have

^Authentic Jordan 45 Jersey^
Oweee, Gimme a Minute
The kicks
A. Nike Air Yeezy's (Tan) sz. 9.5 or 10
B. Nike Air Penny Foamposites (Blue) sz. 10
C. Nike Air Dunk SB (Wheat Highs) sz. 9.5 or 10

^Gimme some Shade^
A. Louis Vuitton "Evidence" Shades (Black)
B. Cazal Shades (Any pair shown)
C. Maison Martin Margiela Mono Lens Shades
D. Carrera Aviators (Tortoise Shell Brown)
E. Ray-Ban Aviators (Gold)
 A. MacBook Pro (15" or 17" screen)
B. A New 160GB Classic iPod (either color)

So yea, you come across any of these (Authentic and Legit) and give them to me out of the Kindness of your heart I will give you my Left Nut or my Right Pinky finger. Hell I'd even be willing to give you a FREE Photo Shoot in exchange for any of these, that's how much I'd like to own these things lolol. 

But any way, I realized I don't share these things with my readers, so here you have it, a lil piece of me by way of My "Wish List" "These are the things I would give my left nut and my Right Pinky finger for"List. (Click Pics to Enlarge) Hope ya enjoyed.

Stay Up, get me these things and Stay Tuned!


Kitty said...

wish list are the best thing ever. but then you need a best person ever to give you all them things ;) lol

ENO ONE.... said...


Kitty said...

I'm always there for you! I mean, when it comes to commenting ;) I've got my wish lists too :P

ENO ONE.... said...

I see, and I like lol, make sure you take me with you when you make it back to DR.