Sunday, March 28, 2010

Big Sexy's Erotica Diary - Entry: "Driving her Wild"

Shout outs to my Isha Baby for helpin out with the title.
So I was chillen the other day, and Outta the blue the memory of my first time came to mind. So me being the poet/writer/artistic man that I am, I decided I would translate my feelings into words and share those words with ya. So without further a due, enjoy, my first Erotica Passage speaking of "My First Time".

Remember your first time? I do, I was 13 years old, She was just a year older than me. (I've loved them older than me since day 1) She had beautiful black hair, and I told her I was nervous, so please be gentle. So many people I knew had taken her around the block a few times, but I knew what we had was special.

So now I have her opened. I strapped up and get in, I'm instantly overwhelmed with her warmth and comfort. I adjust myself, and now she's turned on. Slowly I move in and out, til finally we both have momentum and a consistent flow, both moving as one. I hear all my peers voices in my head telling me how I have to take it easy or it could lead to trouble, I quickly phase the voices out and do my own thing.

I turn the music down a little lower and listen to her purr in my ear. I assure myself that this is the way I should be doing it and occaisionally she would jerk to let me know if I was doing something wrong. I looked at her, she looked at me and finally after 15 minutes we both reached our climax.....

So to Alexus, thank you for the experience baby.... Til this day I still love driving that car!

Stay up and Stay Tuned people, and remember to always use Protection. lolol

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M33KS::4::MVS!C said...

LOLOLOL LOVE it!! I was like yooo he said her name?!?? Haha I love this post..Wordsmith indeed..