Monday, October 5, 2009

Eno's Infinite Playlist

Aight Folks, it's 5:04am, I admit I'm getting a little sleepy but I've got iTunes open and I'm just here zoning out. Now for all of you who follow the blog, by now you know who my first Love is right? That's right... Music!

But doesn't everyone say this? I figured that tonight instead of just telling you I'll explain why I love music so much. After a short version of my explanation I'll give you a few songs that I just heard on my playlist as we speak and give you a lil personal background with that song.

Why I love music so much, at least why I think I love it so much: Aside from me being a huge fan of art and music being a major worldwide form of art, and aside from appreciating the union of sounds and sound words I think I have such a deep and undying connection wit music because my father does.... yea I said it. As a kid I fought for his attention and got very little of it, so I guess somewhere along the line I figured that this could be something to bring us closer simply because it would be one thing we had in common other than DNA. Although slowly but shortly I began to love the sounds I was hearing for myself and not for any other reason or motive. So naturally I began to leave the music my father was listening to (still loved it) and began to research and find my own music. Now ages later I am way more than just a fan of many different genres of music. and I can still honestly say she is my first Love, and as tired as you probably are of hearing me say that I can never get tired of saying it.

On To my current Playlist:
(Around this time the Playlist is usually the same)

'Wait in Vain' - Bob Marley
Like many of the 4651 songs I have I can relate to Mr. Marley's words here. He's speaking to a young lady who he is trying to court and explaining to her that he is interested in her. He lets her know however that although the wait for her love in return (3 years) is no bother he would like for her to know that he is not Waiting in Vain. So pretty much he was saying "Look here baby, i like you and i want this to work, but if your just gonna toy with my emotions then let me know now so I can stop knocking on this door" Now why is it I can relate to all of that? That's a whole new blog post all together. lol.

'All on Me' - Sean Paul Ft. Tami Chynn
Aight now this one (puts a lil smirk on his face) takes me back to yesteryear. So peep game right, the year was 2006 and I was in Honduras for Easter vacation. It was amazing because I had been to Honduras many times before but this time in particular I had went with all my cousins (my closest friends) so it was dope! All we did was party literally each night and sleep all day each day lol. But one night at one of the festivals I had locked eyes with the most beautiful lil Red bone I had ever seen in my life (you know imma sucker for a Light Skinededed young lady) it wasn't long before I worked up the nerve to speak to her and find out more about her, we parted ways that night and I couldn't stop telling my boys about her. the next night at one of the many parties going on I just so happen to bump into her again, we were kinda quite but after we danced a little it was like we knew each other for year. 'All on Me' came on and I was hearing it for the first time ever. It immediately put both of us in a trance. We were so into it that it was as if no one else was on the dancefloor, staring deep into each others eyes like a gay ass romance movie or something lol. Before you know it we were (brace yourselves for the shock) making out on the Dancefloor as the song played! That's right me, Mr. 'I don't like to Kiss' himself lol. Well anyway, the post is not about her and honestly I can fog up your screen if I continue with the story lol. So this song will always have that place in my heart, it gave me memories and made 06 one of my best years!

'They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y)' - Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
It's gotta be the Horns. As soon as this song starts I'm usually taken back to Circa 1992 -- a beautiful more simpler time in my life I was only 5 but I swear I remember hearing this song at the time, of course back then I had no idea what the song was speaking of but now that I'm older I see what it was about and although it's a sad subject I love it. So I guess like the title says I love this song because when it comes on I Reminisce!

'Iris' - Goo Goo Dolls
I don't remember the first time I heard this song, I don't remember what I was doing, I actually don't remember much of anything while it's playing. It's one of those songs that puts me into another world. I don't know what it was about John Rzeznik voice and lyrics in that song but I know that whenever it comes on I have to play it more than once. In fact even now writing about it to you I don't know what to really say to you. It must be the live instrumentation that does it for me... I don't know but this is a beautiful song.

'She Rockin That thing Like' - The Dream
Anyone who knows me can tell you I don't like The Dream's music, but being a fan of the art all together I have to and can admit when someone has got themselves a good one. Overall I would say the love for this song comes from clubbin. Of course I heard the songs a few times before ever hearing it in the club but I remember when I finally did hear it in the club everyone went ape shit! Til this day, this joint still gets the crowd goin. So like that night whenever I Hear 'Girl I'm in love with you baby, and I want you to know" leave the speakers I have to find me a young lady preferably with a fat backside to dub (grind, inappropriately dance on and behind) on! I know that sound extremely tasteless but it's the God honest truth! Don't ask me why but in the event of this song comin on and me not gettin some cheap feels from the grindin, then the night feels somewhat incomplete.

Well there's a whole bunch more but I'm sure I've entertained/bored you enough with these songs, maybe I'll do a part 2 sometime but for now this is what I have for you guys! Thanks for listening with me, if your anything like me you played the songs while you read the post to accompany the mini passage.

So with all that Said I will now go to sleep, believe it or not it is now 6am, this Post took me 54 minutes to type up. lol

Stay up and Stay Tuned!


inc23 said...

'Wait in Vain' - Bob Marley

LOVE IT! This is my fav on your list.

NotoRious AKA Ya gYrl R said...

I likes....
I gotta check out the Sean Paul track..
It's not ringing a bell @ the moment.

NotoRious AKA Ya gYrl R said...

"All on Me" is a HOTT track.. Thankies for introducing me to something