Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bull for Mylez

What's going on ya'll, It's a lil before 12 so before the whole day is gone first and foremost lemme give a birthday shout out to my favorite Jamaican, my brother from another, my big homie Reg! he's 24 today. I luv you big bruh, don't let nothin stress you, we about to be so rich it's not even funny.

Now onto you folks! What's good?
So as you (should) know I have a partner in crime who goes by the name of Buddy Mylez. More often I call him my big brother but he is my cousin. He and I have always been close but these past few years have been the ones that have bonded us closer than we were before.

So about a year ago, we came up with an idea for a reality show. A show that follows the life of him and I. The concept of the show, in our opinion, would work very well because

Buddy: Is an aspiring artist and member of a three man Hip-Hop group named "BXL" and he also tries to juggle a life of work, family and friends outside of the music. He's also a comedian who always knows the right joke to pull out of his back pocket at any given moment. But of Course all pros have their cons, and That's where Eno comes in.

Eno: Is an aspiring fashion designer and photographer with dreams of being a household name in both fields. A down to Earth 'go with the flow' kinda guy who often has to play the personal assistant role to big cousin Buddy Mylez (who can be forgetful at times)

The Show is called 'Bull For Mylez' because while watching you will swear you are watching Bull crap for days (all while laughing of course) and because Eno often works for Mylez as far as being somewhat of an assistant and Side kick goes. Did that make sense? Well with all those ingredients you get a great show that will have you thinking: "What will they do next?"

Sadly to admit, Mylez and I have been sitting on this idea for about a year now, why? I guess it's because we've been running on false hope that someday soon VH1 or MTV will discover us and want to put us on TV with our own show... lol, yea right. So we decided, no more sitting around thinking and saying "We need our own show." Because with all due respect, he and I are cooler than any other duo you can name, on TV, in Music history, at your school or even on your block lol.

The show will also feature a supporting cast consisting of:
Severe Persy Jones
Joe Dirt
PBM (Reg)
Killa Ken
Supa J
'The BXL SisterHood'
and who ever else gets caught in our lens

With all that said, I'd like to share with you some of our recent Youtube videos.

"BSPN Presents Eno Bull vs. Killa Ken"

^This Webisode Features 'Killa Ken'^

"KJ Dance"

^This one features 'Killa Ken' and Eno and Buddy's Nephew 'KJ'^

Enjoy every one and be on the look out for the best show to come to the internet since who knows what!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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