Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Things Changing!

Aight ya'll we're gonna open this one up with a video... Peep!

I know right? Buddy Mylez with a BlackBerry, who would have thought we'd see the day! First and foremost I want to give him one last birthday shout out, cause it just passed this pass week! My big brother just turned 26, and I'm sure ya remember the post just a short year ago entitled "Beating the Odds" where I mentioned he beat the statistic by being a black man in America turning 25.... But enough about his Birthday, visit our various YouTube videos ( ) and you will see that this man was anti-BlackBerry ALLL the way. But just a few days ago he posted a picture on his FaceBook of a concealed package (Pause) that arrived to him that day. I Instantly knew that it was a Blackberry, don't ask me how I knew, I guess I just have a third eye for these things.

Now seeing as how he was (as he mentioned) the Advocate of the Anti-BlackBerry Movement, seeing him switch sides to the better end of the spectrum was a great look from my point of view.

But that's not all that has changed:
As you all know back in April I voiced out my opinions on Twitter and how I disagreed with what it stood for! Well like I would have said to Buddy Mylez prior to purchasing his BlackBerry "Don't Knock it til you've tried It." I did like Buddy did (who was also Anti-Twitter) and gave it a 24 hour chance.... and I can see why people are hooked to it and continue to hook to it like the Matrix! Yes I was against it, but I've realized that for an Over Opinionated person like myself, it's the perfect platform (second to my own blog) to express how you feel about certain things throughout the day.... but what really threw me over was the fact that it's a great place to network and get your name and business across to a different Demographic. Me, also being a Photographer it's important to keep up with the world of business and network with other who are in the same or even different fields.

So how about you follow me, I promise I won't lead you astray

As far as breaking my "Anti-Twitter and Anti-BBM 5.0" Pact with Imani, I'm sorry and your apology Blog Post is up next lol.
So the moral of today's post folks is to give different things a try, don't go to extremes but "DON"T KNOCK IT TIL YOU'VE TRIED IT"

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!


☆Reese✮ said...

*smirk* mmhmmmm I remember a certain person shakin his head at me via blog because I decided to join Twitter a few months back. I won't say names *cough*E*cough.

I'll be a member of the BB fam soon, can't wait! (you know you want to)

imani said...

i;m not going to lie... i'm really not feeling the whole "buddy switched sides first" thing you have doing on here in this post. i look forward to the next one.

Futuristic_TomBoi said...

i like this.
you have a really unique blog.
check out my blog:

if you like what yu see then follow and ill follow back.

Jemeka said...

Eno Bullingston, this is the! Lol I can't even believe the two of yall..First Buddy with this BB nonsense, n now you with Twitter? I don't think I can take much more..This is the ultimate betrayal smh..Do yall not value our friendship?? Lol