Friday, August 28, 2009

Hey, I'm a big Fan

Aight so this one has been a long time comin'. What's goin' on folks?

So lately a lot of different people have been coming up to me and telling me that they enjoy, read, have read, or like my blog. Like I told my homie Hadassa, it's both appreciated and quite refreshing. It's actually refreshing because so often I feel "Pfft, I'm just writing to vent, because I'm sure no one is reading" but those days are no more, because I see now that I have a following... So to all of you who read and follow or just stop by periodically, thank you. I can't thank you enough, and I greatly appreciate your time spent with me.

On that same note I wanted to share my admiration for others with you. So by now I'm sure you know I am an up and coming photographer and like in any other industry there are millions of people who do it/have done it way before me. So naturally I am a fan of those who came before me and have paved the way for me to do what I know have a deep passion for.

That's the purpose of this blog post:
I wanted to share with ya'll the Photographers who I look up to and who's work I admire. Some day I hope to be as good as all these guys:

Chris (CFK Photography):
My mentor and partner, I wanna thank you for taking me under the wing homie, I've learned a lot of things from you that I will continue to appreciate til the end of my journey in this game. I love being your assistant because I see what the game is about from both perspectives, both the outsider and the actual insider. Plus we just getting started baby! The 250+ Boys bout to take over this game as if it were stolen from us!
I want ya to check out Chris' work, It's amazing!

Poppa Purp:
Yo man, I remember when I met you back in late 07 you were just the cool skinny nigga at work who didn't say much. lol Well I never been one to judge a book by a cover, In fact unless its a picture book I don't even look at it! So I knew "that Skinny, quite nigga got a story to tell" and boy was I right! You did/do have a story brother, and its being told through the lens of that Beautiful Canon you carry around! MUCH RESPECT to you my nigga, you say you just a nigga with a camera and a golden eye, either way I'm a fan bruh.
Check out my man's page

Another one who I didn't know took pictures, lol you already know brother, I saw you and I thought: "this man has to be a fashion designer of some sort, and he got wild bread too" lmao. But I guess Real recognize real and it wasn't long before I realized that those Black and white image on your site were all yours. You never stop amazing me bruh, keep doin it, you already a problem, I can only imagine what you can do with more time and effort.
Josh doesn't have a Photographer site that I am aware of but ya NEED to check out his blog

Lemme tell you a story.... back in the break room at work where/when I was testing my new Sony Digi Cam you took the camera out of my hands and started messing with the settings. Once you were done you placed the camera where you wanted it for the angle of your shot and took a pic of your 'Waterproof Air Forces' (Sneakers for those of you who are not aware of the lingo). It wasn't a big deal to you, but seeing the angle, and the final shot I thought: "If he can do that with this camera, I'm sure I can too" now a little over a year later that slight inspiration has grown to a bigger passion for photography. Plus ya self portraits be ILLMATIC! lol

Who know's if your reading this lol, but here's the deal. on August 15th, 2008 while walking around Soho with Rich I walked into a clothing store that just so happened to have a table of books. Amongst all the books with colorful covers the one that stood out the most was the one with a black and white cover depicting what many would call the "Gang Life" with a few young men on of which was pointing at the camera with a gun. Instantly I knew I had to have this book of pictures which all told stories. I didn't have the money on me that day but you better believe after a year of looking for it afterwords I found it. I loved it because it was so out of the ordinary. Til this day I go through it in amazement and I continue to love yor work and your style of Photography. I sent you an email one time and you wrote back, being written back showed me you were humble and I both appreciated it and Respected it, For that I thank you.
To see Boogie's work go to his site

Last but not Least

I've been a fan of your work literally before I knew it was your work lol. See I would always see pictures of Poppa Purp at Sway.... I remember always thinking: "Who is taking all of these amazing clear, vivid perfectly colored pics?" lol Not long after I started doing my research and was left speechless. From the portraits of artist who I like and events that I wish I had made it out to, you have been there to capture moments in time and to me it's no different than watchin Micheal Jordan take flight. Dead ass. Another man who I haven't met personally (it's just you and boogie who I don't know personally) but I sent you a text the other day and I appreciated the fact that you took the time to text me back.... I know your work as well as the work of all the aforementioned men will only continue to get better. So thank you for being one of the best who I look up to in this game.
Tone's site is

So I wanna thank all of ya. As competitive as this game is I just look at ya'll as big brothers here to make sure I take the right path and remember to keep my heart in it. I can't think of anything else to say but thanks lol

Everyone else, I'm sure your aware i rarely if ever link other people's site on my blog, so if I'm doin it you know its for a reason, so check their links out Now! lol

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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