Friday, September 25, 2009

Black Robe and a Gavel

What's goin on Bull Penners? I know I been gone for a while, I know you've been missing me so imma just get right into this one... I promise its gonna be good!

"Said where I would stop before I even started when I get to one brick, then The Game I will depart with Got to one brick then I looked to the sky, said Sorry God, I lied, but give me one more try"
-Jay-Z - Fallin'

Aight, now that line speaks mostly of greed, but it coincides with what I'm about to talk to ya'll about...

-Eno Bull - FaceBook status

Now you see my FaceBook (where I drop many Jewels -- I suggest you add me just search: Eno Bull) status messages usually generate a lot of attention, and this one was no different. Now, the reason I said this was because although I don't support or agree with drug dealers and what they do I can definitely understand the feeling of wanting and or needing more in a shorter period of time. I can most definitely understand feeling like there is no other way out, overall I just understand. On top of all this I (a young man with a legal job) often stand around at work thinking to myself: "Damn I'd rather be selling drugs" not because its been glorified in movies, music and other general industries, but because I know they work (labor wise) a lot less and get paid almost double what I make a week in a day! Lol, am I wrong for being real?

I'm not saying I'm going to do it but hey, we all have daydreams about things we think we cant do right? ;0) Now, as you can see I didn't specify why I said what I said, but it was instantly taken as something else, something much deeper, so I thought it would make for good blog material. So it quickly became a matter of in a way defending the Drug dealer and I guess I was but allow me to explain why.

See it was mentioned that the drug dealer is a "destroyer of homes, a taker of parents" etc. and yes I agree BUT, I personally feel, that you cannot blame the dealer without blaming the user... Disagree with me if you want, but I'm sure that 95% of the people who use and or abuse drugs are either adults or children old enough to know the difference between what is right and what is wrong. See I'm sure many have lost family or close friends to the evils of drugs, but were they forced to do those drugs at gun point? No. See, like it or not the drug dealer is no different than a business man, one who owns a clothing store, or a restaurant. He is there to provide a product, a service or a good(s). So the question becomes "How powerful is the Drug Dealer without the Drug user" you can even go as far as saying that the product (the drugs) are harmful to the user and can kill them, but hey, so can cigarettes and alcohol and you see that 'Newport' and 'Corona' are both not only still running smoothly but becoming more expensive with even more clientele each day, and no one says anything to them. Is it because their products are legal? Is this why the Drug Dealer gets a bad name? Well I say all that to say this: many things in life revolve around the idea of 'Supply and Demand' as long as there is a need for it, there will be a provider for it, be it illegal, legal, moral or immoral.

^Real Drug Dealer, and the Tools of his Trade^^
Photo by amazing Photographer: Boogie
(whom was mentioned in past blog post)

Plus its not our responsibility to Judge, that's reserved for the Lord above. So with that said folks let nature take its course, and please feel free to comment or contact me to discuss this issue. Take care, be safe and God Bless you all.

Stay up and Stay Tuned!