Sunday, September 14, 2008

Beatin' The Odds

Im Back with another one folks. Sorry to those who missed me lol.
This past weekend was My man Mylez Birthday. The Good Lord above blessed him with another 365 days of life. Mylez is now 25 Years old LOLOL, he is officially a quarter of a century old. Also Shout outs to my Man Devo Diamond whose Birthday was on the 10th and Che Kidd whose Birthday was on the 8th. My Man Penny also had a Birthday the same day as Mylez which was Friday September 12th. Shout outs to all the Virgos.
^^ The Man of the Hour in Mid-Speech. Peep The Bill Cosby Face.

^^ Che Kidd, Caught off Guard.

^^ Penny The Kid. Jahmaul came throught and celebrated his BDay with us.

^^ Mr. Devo Diamond Himself.
^^ The Squad. If You aint know I roll with an Army.
^^ Another Group Shot. Too many to name. You need to know who someone is leave me a comment.
"We Wasn't Posed to make it past 25, Jokes on you we still alive!"
-Kanye West-

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