Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tough Guys.

Ah Yes, tough guys. I've wanted to speak on this topic for quite a while but I was waiting for the in-Life experience to yet again present itself, and present itself it did.

Quick Background: As some of you may know I'm a big dude, I stand at an even 6'0 and I weigh 230 lbs. needless to say I sweat like a pig on hot days. I could walk around with a paper towel in my back pocket but its not long before the whole thing is soaked and serves me no purpose when I have to wipe my sweat. So I walk around with small (lil personal wash) towels on these days. The color doesn't matter at all to me, I grab one and head out the door. I keep it hung in my back pocket half way out. The reason I rock it like a flag) is because its uncomfortable keeping it fully tucked in my pocket. But anyway before I make this post about a towel here Goes:

I went to my lil brothers football game yesterday, and when I left the house it was close to 90 degrees outside. So of course I threw on some shorts and had my baby blue towel hangin out my back pocket. After the game I was walking to the bus stop with my headphones on when this kid from my brothers school (Cardinal Hayes) sorta comes up to me. Why do these lil Catholic School Kids always feel they have to prove themselves to be hard? Anyway he's about 7 feet away from me on my right. He said something and I faintly heard what it was. So I turn the volume on the iPod down low enough to hear what it was that he said. So I asked "What happened?" and with fear all but drooling out of his mouth he repeats himself "You Crip my nigga?" LOL. I'm thinkin: This has got to be the cutest thing I've heard in Years. So to humor him I say "Nah, this is a towel not a flag" I mean you figure if this guy is as real as he feels he is he should at least recognize the difference between a towel and a bandanna. But whatever, he tells his boys (Who are all about 10 feet behind him by the way) "Its just a towel, False Alarm." I laughed to myself and keep it movin. lol C'Mon fam 7 feet away from me? What? I got Rabies or somethin, you cant press me face to face? And then ya squad is even further back then you are? Anyway....

Just about 2 or 3 weeks ago another Tough Guy decided to address me. this tough guy was an online thug tho. I thought those had all gone extincted but I guess theres still a few left roaming around. This tough Guy thinks that he is my Ex Girl's boyfriend, little does he know that she doesn't even claim him as anything more than "Some Guy I talk to" LMFAO, poor thing. But anyway I was underground with some of the fellas, and I was still signed on to my AIM via my SideKick. As you New Yorkers know there are some stations that are close enough to street level that you get a signal. So as we passed one of these stations an IM came threw. I'd quote it but I forgot how it went word for word so I'll para-phrase:

"yo fam, do me a favor and leave (my Ex's name here) alone. she's my wifey and I dont want you bothering her. She don't wanna tell me where you live because I wanna go and talk to you."

Aint that cute? lolol. I guess he over looked the fact that "His Wifey" hits me up any and every time we speak, I'm never the one to "bother" her.

So by the time I get off the train and have regained full service on my phone its too late... the tough guy signed off. so I'm thinkin "Damn, why couldn't the tough guy hit me up when I was walkin around downtown? and from his own screen name" if he wanted to "talk" Idda gave him my number, and on the phone Idda told him where I live what I look like and what I was wearing at the time. So I did all I could: I called My Ex, and told her "Tell your Little BOYfriend that I'm on my block, I'm wearin a black Polo, some khaki Shorts, and Some Black Sneakers, I got on a Black Yankee fitted, I have Glasses and Dreads, he cant miss me. He can feel more than free to come and 'TALK' to me cause I been itchin to 'SAY' a few things to a random nigga for a while now. " Of course she didn't relay my message because she was scared that the nigga she talks to and I would have a few hurt full words to exchange with each other. So that blew over and we never got to "Speak."

The Moral of this long ass story is this: all you Tough Guys out there need to cut this mess out. If you a tough guy then there is no need to Press me when you see my towel hangin out my pocket, I'm gonna recognize your realism and if I feel I'm offending you then I'll put it away. If your a tough guy don't send me any type of threats via a texting device that only makes me think, "This nigga aint a man cause a real man would have found the means necessary to speak to me in person." I guess what I'm saying is: A Real Tough Guy is the one that doesn't open his mouth to tell you. A real Tough Guy is the one that handles his business and rather not let you know that he really is Tough. The Strong Move in Silence.... The louder a nigga is, the more scared he is. Just remember that. Oh and if this has offended you in anyway, then maybe your the Tough Guy I'm speaking about lol. Ya be coo man.

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