Monday, March 25, 2013

Cool Grey (March Madness)

What's goin on Bull Penners? Hows Life been?

It's been March madness on my side! Lol.
I swear procrastination is gonna be my demise! Lol, no not really, but I say that to say I've been procrastinating for the longest time on buying a new Lens and an external flash for my camera. Mainly because those things are so freakin expensive. But either way, I finally picked them up at Adorama the other day. (Which by the way ALWAYS makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. If ever you're having a problem with finding something to get me as a gift, Adorama is the spot!)

And I'm sure you could imagine, I've been snapping away as if I just got the camera yesterday, I'm like a kid with a new toy! Lol. This happens from time to time. Like remember when I told you I was snapping pics of kicks? Well I've taken a few more.

Wanna see? Well if you don't I'm gonna show them anyway!
[Remember to click Pics to ENLARGE].

 ^I took this pic on Jordan's Birthday^
It's a tribute to his 50th. (Feb.  17th) His 2 
all-time favorite Jordan Kicks.
Black Cement III's and Concord XI's.
I printed out a 16x20 of it and I plan to frame it and hang it in my room.
I was thinking of printing out 23 of em and selling them. $23.00 anyone? Lol

^And then there were Bo Jackson's!^
Do you know along with Air Max 95's,
I've never owned a pair of these. While lookin for the blue and white
Penny 1's @ Foot Locker a few days ago I came across these
and figured, "I Need em!" Lol.

  ^And here are the Penny 1's^
Lol. I swear, I haven't seen anyone with these yet
And blue being my favorite color, I just HAD to! Lol

 ^Premium Air Max 1's^
Been eying these on Flight Club's site for a few months!
Finally, I decided to run up in there with Penny, Perse and Mylez
and picked them up!

 ^Breakfast of Champions!^ 
Lol. So enough kicks right?
I took this one with the flash, I love how dope it came out.
and btw, this Burger was everything!
^OG Obsidian XII's^
I know I said enough sneakers, but shut up!
I know what I said! Lol. I came across these OG 12's
for a steal! I HAD to cop.... What you shaking your head for?
I'm stocking up for the summer.

^Who says Sneakerheads can't dress up?^
Lol. I love suits, but sometimes I just wanna wear
Jeans and Sneakers! If that's wrong, well then,
Hey! Lol. "BHM" Lebron 9's on the feets!

Just my luck. I lost my memory card and was forced to
buy another one. Luckily for me, I was right around the corner from Adorama.
So I picked one up and started taking pics of random shit in the street.

^Yeezy Taught Him^
Lol. Walkin back from Adorama (right after I took that pic 
of the pole) I saw this kid taking pics of his Yeezy II's.
Me being the sneaker addict I am, I understood him completely.
I asked him: "Can I get a shot too?" He laughed out load and said "Yeah Sure"
I asked him if he paid retail, he said "No, I actually just bought em"
I decided I didn't wanna know how much he paid lolol.

 ^The Flat Iron^
I swear I take a picture of this building every time I'm
in the area. It's beautiful to me, and it makes sense that it
attracts me, cause of its history, and not to mention that the guy who 
bought the land where it stands is named Eno!
Ha! Dope right?
Google it!

 ^The Barter System?^
So the reason I was downtown yesterday was to pick up these shirts
with Buddy and Eish. So I got my new "Marathon Music" tee.
Later on that day I managed to convince Vic to sell me his
Mariners strap back with the Snakeskin Brim.
I knew at that moment that I had the perfect outfit for my Cool Grey IX's!
and check out 

^SmooveBoy Shooter^
I took this pic of the cuzzo after we shot the latest installment to
the "Marathin Music Cypher" video Series!
I love how the shot came out! I had to post it.

Well that's my March Madness post. I may have some dope new (actual photo shoot) images to share with ya later in the week.
 Now please excuse me as me and my camera with the new accessories go shoot em up! Ha!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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