Sunday, June 26, 2011

Attn: (Ladies and Gentleman) Pt. II

Sup ya? As promised I'm here with Pt. II of this post.

So Khaya was obviously annoyed, and she didn't have to tell me, it wasn't blatant, but it was written on her face. This is not the first time this has happened. I can remember every single time I've chilled with her and each time this has been an occurrence.
So she told me "I mean what good is all the attention if it's not from the person you seek it from? I can get all this attention from everyone and still feel lonely." Damn Love.... I feel you mama. This goes back to all the times I've spoken of human nature. You know how it goes, I like Kim, but Kim likes Shawn, all the while Melissa likes me but I aint interested in her. Shawn likes Jessica and ignores Kim, and in the end no one gets who they want. Aint that a bitch? We become infatuated with the one that ignores us, and ignore the one who is infatuated with us.

So I told her, I guess you have to at the very least appreciate that, because there is people who kill for that attention and go out of their way to get complimented. I then told her: "I don't get ANY attention from the opposite sex." She replied with "I don't believe that" proving yet again that woman's intuition is all too real. Lol, I guess I do get the attention from women, however it's not the attention I want. I told her about times I had to shut girls down because I wasn't feeling them as much as they were feeling me. This all lead to a simple question: "Is it better to receive all the attention in the world from the opposite sex, even if you never get it from the person you want it from? Or would you rather not get any attention at all? Interesting topic to say the least. Me personally? I guess I'm alright with not getting any attention as long as the one I'm paying attention to notices me.

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#BING!!! Insightful as ALWAYS