Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just Mugz

What's goin on ya'll? My New Yorkers, ya enjoyin this weather? lol.

Anyway, for those of ya who personally know me, ya know that I am a really tough critic. I don't co-sign for, suggest or recommend anything that I myself wouldn't deal with. That goes for everything from people, products, and music. This post is of the ladder.

So a few months ago I was chillen with Buddy and he got a text or call from our brotha Freddy Fiya (of 'New Regime' check out his clothing line: http://www.newregime.ca/http://www.newregime.ca/)  from Montreal Canada and he informed Buddy of one of his friends music video. So we hit YouTube and checked it out. We were both impressed by the quality of the video and also liked that the song was actually dope. So shout outs to Mugz for havin this dope ass video and above all else being a great artist. He told me he tryna do it big for Canada, and that's exactly what he's doin!

Check out the video:
Guardian Angel

BONUS: This one looks BANANAS!
Toxic Love (Trailer)

So to all of ya who support Underground Hip-Hop (I know a lot of you) Support my man Mugz, Ya know I wouldn't put ya on unless it was hot.

Follow him on Twitter:
Mugz - @justmuGz
also follow my bruh Freddy Fiya:
Freddy - @NEW_REGIME

You fellas is doin it big up North and I'm proud of ya meng! Keep the hunger alive, make it all happen!

Stay up and Stay Tuned Folks!

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