Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Nah, it's not today, but it's comin soon!

^^Be There or be Rhombus Baby!^^

Whats good ya'll? I'm sure your not aware of this because up until now my birthday hasn't been nearby for you to know, but my Birthday is a HUGE deal to me! lol

Since I was a kid August 14Th has meant more to me than most if not all holidays of the year! The reason for that being that it's the day that marks the anniversary of you leaving another body and entering this world. To me that's amazing and is something I can't really express with words. Anyway, this year I haven't been going in like I usually do: Signs all over the house hinting that my birthday is coming, text blasts telling everyone that I don't want to see their face, all I want is money! (I don;t really mean this, but really I do, feel me?) and other bizarre things of that nature. I guess the reason for me not being as excited as past years is because I've already been 21 years old for 363 days. Lemme tell you, I'm TIRED of clubbin lol. But it's my birthday nonetheless and you better believe I'm taking it serious.

Something always happens on my birthday, whether it be that it rains (happens every year, I can set my clock by it) or there's a Black Out (happened on my 16th Birthday -- 2003, Google it) but I don't care, this year like all others my intention is to go Balls Deep!

For my 22nd, I plan on partying with all the ones I Love: my friends and OF COURSE without a doubt my Family! We're gonna be at the China Club on Friday night, and we going to 6 Flags the next morning. It's gonna be dope, add in a few factors that shall not be mentioned and you can rest assured my 22nd is gonna be bigger than my 21st, and my 21st was BIG!

So if your in the city that night, come through and party with us! I'm posting this now because I don't know how many pictures are gonna be taken throughout the duration of the weekend festivities (I don't think I'm carrying the camera) , and I know I'm gonna be wasted throughout the whole thing, so I probably won't be in the condition to post till maybe Wednesday.... lol

With that said, BE THERE!
Stay up and Stay Tuned Folks!


☆Reese✮ said...

Ahhh I wanna go!!
Damnit...I'm going to do a big ass post for you since I can't make it to the swing by the blog (oh and I'm lighting up your myspace page lol)

ENO ONE.... said...


☆Reese✮ said...

lol me either! I'm either on fb or my messengers!