Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Beginnings

Bull Penners!!

*Listens to echos* lol

I can't imagine there's many of you left . And I don't blame those of you who have stepped away. The neglect I've treated my blog with is surely enough to drive me away as well. Lol.

But trust me folks, I am still blogging. However these days the posts aren't having the best luck leaving the note pad in my phone and finding their ways on to the pages of this blog.

However, I do have a few topics I want to share with you and I plan to throughout the course of the next couple of weeks. Needless to say, life has become a little more full than it has been in many years. I'm a dad now above all else (But I won't bore you with stories of fatherhood just yet because that's what FFZ is for) and I work an evening shift. In fact I'm blogging from work now. And I cannot tell you how strange it feels to be typing on an actual keyboard in front of a computer screen! Lol.

And I'm siure my supervisor is 10 feet behind me thinking "WTF is this nigga not working!?" Lmao. But it's almost 11pm. And 11pm is "Mentally clock out and Pretend to work" hour!

Anyway, I wanted to give ya a mini topic that has been on my mind for the passed couple of months. That topic ois progression.
One thing I NEVER do is make a New Year resolution. Mainly it's because I'm a proud under achiever. But it's also because I feel you shouldn't have to wait for the new year to arrive to start making changes. I mean, think about it, its October and you think to yourself "Come January, I'm gonna...." and then you die in November. Lord forbid of course, but you get my drift. However, I've always understood the concept. Understanding it didn't mean I was gonna do it though. Altough I did realize that my life needed a few changes for the better. So one thing I did do a few months ago, for the first time was write out a '5 Year plan.' Lol.

I laugh because as I'm writing this I'm realizing how much I've grown... I mean I JUST mentioned being an under achiever, and believe me I still am, but I see nopw that I can be an under achieber and still strive for something. In my case, the something in question is a better life for me and my family.

So I wrote out the 5 year plan. I'd heard people mention having one before and other suggesting that I should make one too and I never did because..... Again, under achiever. Lol
But one thing I know well about myself is: I do things when III want to do them, not when someone else tells me I should or suggests I should.
So, to be honest, I dodn't even remember when I worte the list out, but believe me when I tell you, having a goal(s) (especially written ones) really makes you want to achieve em. I hate cliches, but it's true. I mean shit, even Hov said it on "Anything" --"Set goals and you can achieve em." That nigga wasn't lying! Lol.

I put eight things on the list, and without even puttin forth much effort I accomplished two of them within the first 2 or 3 months. By month 6 I had crossed another off the list and just today I had a conversation with a friend who shares a similar interest and has a similar plan and just like that: the 4th thing is sure to be crossed off the list. I don't want to count my chickens early so I won't I'm only saying all of that to say that I am making slow progress, but I'm making progress nonetheless.

You'r probably wondering what the things on the list are, but another thing I've learned is to speak less and do more. Less announcement and more moves I believe is what Fabolous said! Lol.
Safe to say I've still been listenig to too much Hip-Hop.
No but seriously, I've felt myself accomplishing more in this passed year than I have in the passed 10. I know a big portion of it is the fact that I have a daughter now. I am the head of a family and that is thee most important factor of my life. Providing for them comes second to none.

I've also managed to start falling in love all over again.... With photography. Most may not know but I had a prime Lens on my primary camera that broke in December of last year. Due to financial issues and something always "Coming up" it took me an entire year to get it back but I got it back and I'm rolling again! I also bought a second hand 35mm film camera. A Canon AE-1 Program. I am now embarking on the same journey just taking a different route and the excitement I'm feeling is unmatched.

When its all said and done its safe to say that right now: Life is good. I'm enjoying every bit of my slow progress, I can't wait to knock more things off my list, add more, and just enjoy the ride!

For those of you who are still here with me, Thank You! I will have more topics to share and discuss in the upcoming weeks and months. For those of you who are done here, sorry.. Lol. But I'm still here and will be here for a while longer.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned

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