Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Meet Pam Grier aka Charlene

Yaoooooow! So if you know me then you know I've been a guy who loves cars since day 1!

As a kid I always wanted to be in the drivers seat, so much that I remember a time that my father was doing something with his car, cleaning it or working under the hood or something. I found myself in the drivers seat while he wasn't looking and I put the car in drive while it was on a downward hill lol!

Looking back you'd think it would have traumatized me, considering I never heard my dad scream my name with such fear and concern as he ran alongside the car before he could cleanly jump in it to stop it before it reached the intersection. But nope, it only fueled my love for being in the drivers seat.
Fast forward to when I turned 13, that was the first time my dad officially let me drive. I remember he let me park the car in front of the building we lived in. It was no biggie, but I knocked it out on my first shot and I felt like a big deal. Lol.

I say all that to say, I should have had a my first car such a long time ago considering how much I've always loved em. Countless magazines and websites and car shows on tv have consumed so much of my time that it's a wonder I never drove my own car home. But an addiction to sneakers and lack of $50k for your dream car will do that! Lol

Regardless of the facts, I always told myself that if my first car wasn't going to be a 1964 Chevy Impala, it was going to have to be a BMW! Preferably an 80's era one, but almost anything with a roundel (BMW emblem) would suffice.

So about a year and a half ago, a friend of mine (who has chosen to remain nameless) bought this beauty that you see here... I damn near Jizzed my pants when I saw it. He told me back then, "I Know I'm gonna sell it eventually so just have you're money ready when I call you." The car has been in the back of my mind ever since.
My ultimate dream car has been a lowrider since High School, but realistically speaking I'm in no position to throw all that money into a 50 year old car just because. And above that BMW has always been my favorite make. I can remember being 9 or 10 years old and telling my brother he was a fool for liking Mercedes! BMW was and still is where it's at! No disrespect to anyone in a Benz, cause lord knows they mean. So I was always a Bimmer guy and like I said I knew my first car had to be the german classic.

So about a week and a half ago my friend hit me up and told me he was finally selling the car! My excitement could not be masked. I was so happy to hear he was parting with it that I damn near wired him the money lol.
It has it's fair share of problems but it's all minor things. Plus I plan on making it my project car anyway. I have big dreams for my first car, it's all about stance.

So when my friend told me what he/she was selling it for I was left with no choice but to head out to meet him/her and take it for a test drive.... Truthfully I just wanted to drive it, because I knew that I would buy it regardless of almost anything.
After a test drive with my pops I knew this car would be coming home with me that same week. Sure enough, on June, Friday the 13th, I met with him/her handed over the cash and was handed back a title and a BMW key.

I drove it home that day in the rain with a grin on my face that you couldn't wipe off with bleach!
I went to my cousins house to show it to him and tell him how excited I was that I finally owned a car. That was after I went to fill up for the first time and before I went to the McDonald's drive thru to get my girl something to eat.
The next day I drove it to IHOP and then gave it it's first car was while in my possession! You know all the things a man does with his first car within the first couple of hours of owning it. Needless to say I was geeked!

Based on her charcoal color I named her Charlene, and based on the fact that she is 14 years old and still sexy as hell I named her Pam Grier! Lol. Old and attractive. I can't wait to start hokking her up although it has to wait for reasons that will be explained in the next post! lol

As for now she's just gonna be fun to ride in. Believe it or not, you could be certain pairs of sneakers at Flight Club for more than I bought this car. Can you guess how much I paid? I bet you can't Lol.

So yeah, Eno's finally got a car! And not just any car, a 2000 BMW 528i!

So that's my baby.... A 528i e39 with a M5 front lip. In all her glory! When you see me in the street yell "What up Tho!: Loll

Hope you enjoyed meeting Pam Grier!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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