Sunday, June 15, 2014

Danny's Audi A4 Wagon

This is a blog post that is coming to you a whole month and a half late, but it's here nontheless. Hey Better late than never right!?

So on the 1st of May my cousin in laws got married in Long Island. It was a beautiful weddin'. Stan and Pia tied the knot in front of all their family and friends in what turned out to be an amazing reception.
Shortly after, we all headed back to Brooklyn where my cousin in law Danny had his beautiful 2004 Audi A4 wagon!

Danny has been a car guy for basically what seems to be all his life Lol. And if you know me, then you know that cars were my love before sneakers, and probably even music. However me being a car guy quickly became over shadowed by my infatuation with having as many sneakers as one man could possibly collect. On top of that, there were more sneaker heads around me than there was car guys. So naturally I've never owned a car although with the sneaker collection(s) I have/have had, I could have bought 3 cars by now lol.
I say all that to say, that I'm so glad I met Danny to bring me closer into the world of cars like I've wanted for so long! 

So in 04 Danny went and bought what a few guys at the Audi dealership called a "Grandma Car" Lol.  But like it's been said, you either like wagons or you don't! Danny, obviously does..... And can you blame him. Look at this bad boy! Personally, I don't care for every wagon, but I can remember seeing a BMW wagon on my block every once in a while a few yours back. It belonged to one of the drug dealers or something! But after seeing this one I was sold! I told myself "I gotta join my homie in the wagon game!" Naturally being the impressionable guy I am the hunt for a BMW 5-Series Touring (Wagon) began! 

So Danny has been working on the car for as long as he's had it. Like he said, "You're never done modding your car!" To me that's what makes it all a form of art. He's dropped it significantly and is still going down to one inch. When I first saw the car close to a year ago it was sitting on a different set of wheels. But now it's on a set of ESM wheels. A new company that he told me he was trying out. A good choice! He locked down a set of 19" 2 piece wheels with the step lips wrapped in stretched tires giving it that sexy look right under the fenders and wheel wells.

Alongside the wheels, the homie modded and upgraded the brake pads and the rotors. He also added a stereo system that would make the average big name producer run and hide from the noise! 
As for the other subtleties he personally painted a black strip in the back that separates the trunk lid from the bumper and he's currently looking to switch the front lip... Very subtle but all excellent mods!

All in all, the Audi is a a beautiful machine! Runs like a dream, and snapping photos of it doesn't even begin to contest with actually riding in it! My cousin in law who will be there every step of the way as I modify my own car has build a beautiful machine! 

In my opinion there was no one more fit to bring me into the car game! Thanks a mil Danny, can't wait to get started on my own so that it looks as good sitting next to yours! 

So, did I find a wagon!? 
Find out on the next post. Lol


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