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Nike Lebron XI's (Sneaker Review)

What's going on Bull Penners?!
Today I'm doing something I've never done before here on my blog or anywhere else for that matter.
This is my first ever sneaker review. I know most people prefer video blogs for this, but I'm an old school dude.

About 4 or 5 months ago I came across the picture of the new Nike Lebron XI's (11).
Initially I didn't care for them, and possibly it was just the picture that I didn't care for. But a few weeks ago, right before the release I saw them in person and still wasn't too fond of em, but I did like them more in person than I did in pictures. However even in person they weren't attractive enough to pay the $275.00 price tag that the guy was trying to get for them on a pre-release early date.

Some time passed and for the first time ever I realized that this was one of those sneakers that was going to grow on me way after the retail price tripled. So being wise to the fact I decided to go and look for them and see if I get lucky before its too late. Last weekend I went out to brunch and shortly after found myself in the 'Foot Action' in Bay Plaza here in the Bronx. And of course they were sold out. I was prepared to leave the mall that day empty handed and thought to myself "I might have missed them and I'm not paying any more than retail." But before walking away defeated I decided to check the 'Jimmy Jazz' right down the sidewalk.

I walked in, and to my surprise there was still a pair on display. If you know anything about this 'Sneaker Game' as we call it, then you know finding a pair of recently released Lebrons on a shelf on display is kind of a big deal. So I asked to see a size 10 or 10.5. I wear a size 9.5 but for some reason Lebrons and Foamposites run small for me so I size up one or one and a half sizes up. Maybe it's because I have flat feet. Ahh well. They didn't have either of the sizes I asked for, but they did have a 9.5 left, my size. I figured I'd try them on although worried that they'd be too small. Like they say "You'll never know until you try" and when my foot slid into the shoe I was shocked to find out they fit like a glove! I stood up, walked a few feet to the mirror and immediately knew that they'd be coming home with me! Instantly they went from "They're Okay" to "Holy Crap!"

So I took out my debit card and swiped! Retail on these bad boys is $200.00 so the final price of $217 and change wasn't necessarily something I was thrilled about, but lets be honest, I've paid more for a pair of sneakers so....... Yeah. Lol. But after reviewing the sneaker it seemed to make more sense.

Let's be honest, we all know that I didn't pay what I paid to go play basketball in them, but I do know that if I did, I'd be in good hands... Or feet I suppose! Lol.
The sneaker is both light weight and durable. The ankle support is just as good as Lebrons that I've worn and played in before. Also the Foamposite material is enough Nike Technology to help you understand the price tag. If that isn't enough for you, Nikes latest technology (at least to my knowledge) Flywire is also featured in these. Flywire is... just what it sounds like I guess, it's a lightweight wire made of nylon or vectran and it's purpose is to provide more support and still remain light. It also serves as a cool aesthetic twist to replace plain eyelets on the shoe.

Although I've never been a fan of the actual word 'FLYWIRE' being printed on the shoe, I guess it's no different than the word 'Hybrid' on a the trunk lid of a car. And the flywire does look extremely dope through the holes though out the upper portion of the shoes all the way out to the eyelets to holding the laces. Good work on the design of these Nike.
Also the insole to these sneakers is thicker than any pair I've ever seen. It its literally the size of a Nike Air Force 1 midsole! I have no doubt that my grandparents can wear these and walk a mile in em and feel the comfort that is the Nike Lebron XI.

And of course, what attracts most people in the first place, the dope ass colorway! The "Kings Pride" colorway is definitely dope! Its the best of the ones that I've seen that are set to release. The green sort of holographic color on the foam material with the accompanying olive colored suede kind of upper makes it look like something the green goblin would wear. Remember when he wore Flightposites? The black of course is fitting on anything and the red is just the right amount to pop out at the eye. The lining brings it all together and puts it over the top. The added 'LJ Crown' logo on both the tongue and lace tips is always a good look. Finally the mint green sole might as well be a big red bow. The perfect contrast to wrap this shoe up.  All together its such an attractive sneaker that I am sure I will Un-DS (wear for the first time for those of you not familiar with the lingo) very soon! After all, it's the only shoe that I've ever done a sneaker review on. Lol

All in all, in my opinion this is one of the best Lebrons to release since the "Pre-Heat" Lebron VIII's. Another pair that I initially did not like and am now kicking myself for not buying when they were sold for retail! Makes me wonder where they'll go with the XII. But of course, there's no need to jump the gun, there's still a lot of enjoyment to be had with these. If you're like me, and you tend to pass up on things that don't initially catch you, but end up liking them later when its too late, then you should definitely cop these. Don't walk into Flight Club 6 months from today and live with that $450.00 price tag. If you have flat feet, or even if you don't, know that they run true to size. Buy the size you normally wear. So tell me how you feel about my first sneaker review, and what you feel about the sneaker.

Quick Announcement:
I recently got invited to a meeting with my boy AJ and he pitched an idea to me about a new sneaker site/online shop. We went over a few points and came up with the name "Kick'd In" which will serve as a new member of the ever growing Sneaker Community to provide everything from information and forums to consignment retail. Stay Tuned for more info on where you can find the site.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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