Monday, October 28, 2013

Bang! Bang! an Eno Bull Video'd Shoot

So the other day I was sitting around realizing that I hadn't shot anything in a while.
No biggie, writers have writers block so it shouldn't be a surprise that photographers go through dead spots of inspiration; Besides, I've never liked the idea of shooting 'just because.' The idea, the photos, the final product all has to come from a genuine place. The art cannot be rushed.

So the other day, sitting around, just thinking to myself, I came up with a new concept. It's called "Video'd Shoots"
Basically, it's a trailer to a themed photo shoot. I've realized that we live in a day and age where video is more interesting to most people than photography. But me loving photography as much as I do and refusing to give it up as my passion, I decided I'd give people just a little bit of what they want. So rather than post one picture and say something like "More images coming soon" on Facebook or Instagram or whatever, I'll give you an actual video trailer to build the anticipation for the images I will release later on.

Hence me calling it, not a "Video Shoot" but a "Video'd Shoot" as in a photo shoot where there was filming! Get it? am I making any sense?
Well whatever, I won't bore you with too many more words.

Check out the first (of many) Eno Bull Photography Video'd Shoot:

Please don't take my idea and run with it as if it's yours! You heard the concept here first! Enjoy.

And as an BullPen exclusive, peep the first image from the set:

Shout outs to the amazing Blanca Rosa Martinez. I call here Bebe! And my lil brother Rudy, for playing one of the greatest dead guys I've seen since Denzel in training day! Lol. Stay Tuned for the rest of the images. They'll be releasing some time tomorrow on my new, under construction website: Stop by when you can!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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