Saturday, September 7, 2013

Losing with Grace! (No Hair Can't Care)

What's going on Bull Penners?

I'm here to discuss a very serious topic that's effecting very many black men in America today.... That topic is Balding!

There must be something in the water. Either that or I'm just really getting old. Cause I'm seeing a lot of young men around me going lighter around the top, and not by choice!

Take it from a man of 26 who misses his afro, braids, dreads, all that good stuff, the baldie is not that bad! Lol. Anyone who knows me, knows that I loved my hair more than I loved most people. But, like all good things, my follicles came to an end! At least in some areas. So I had a decision to make, do I continue to let it grow and lie to myself like I don't have an opened sun roof? Keep it light and pretend I'm not thinking to myself "Oh man, I can see where the hair is falling out" OR do I chop it all off!?

That's right, I decided to chop it all off! And you know what? I love it.  Granted I have a pretty decent beard and can't stand the Rick Ross comparisons and references, but you know what? It's a hell of a lot better than walking around waiting to look like George Jefferson! Trust me fellas, I know how it goes, I know the attachment to your hair and the fear of being bald. But really why hold on to what's about to leave you? We've all seen the  the old man on the train with hair all around his head but none up top. The man who has 3 dreads left spaced out wide across his head, the dude with what I like to call the Michael Keaton, you know that look. Where the corners of the shape up are coming in for high tide! It doesn't look good. Plus look at all the great men in history that were bald: Taye Diggs, Common, DMX, Michael Jordan, Joe Zeigler (Google him) Steve Harvey, Magic Johnson, Vin Diesel and myself! C'mon b! You'd be in good company! Lolol

I'm just tryna help my brothers out. Cause at some point I guess we're all gonna go bald. At least those of us with bad hair genetics, like myself. Might as well beat Nature to the punch and say to that bitch: "Ha! I WON, BITCH!" Lmfao.
Cause let's be serious: which one of these looks would you prefer to rock with?

Bron Bron, no disrespect brother, you my nigga, but c'mon b! You know!?

See what I'm sayin?

Look at those of us with Baldies:

Don't we look much happier than this guy?:

Just something for ya to think about!

Also, it's so cost efficient. I used to go to the barbershop weekly. One week for a shape up: $10 and another week for the full cut: $15. That's $50 a month, which is $600 a year. Since I've been bald, I've probably been to the barber shop 3 times (in a year) and that's just to shape up my beard when I decide it's gotten to wild to tame myself. You know what I do with that $600 I'm savin? That's right, buy food and sneakers! You can of course buy whatever you want with your savings, I'm just lettin ya know what I did! Lol

Don't say that the Bull Pen never helped you with anything! Don't believe the hype; "Long Hair don't care" aint as poppin as "No Hair, Can't Care!" Lol.

That's my 2 cents on the subject. Take it or leave it.

Well that's my time, I gotta go be cool with my fresh ass baldie!


Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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