Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Photographs (Feelin Myself)


I feel it's been a lil while since I posted one of those: "I'm Feelin myself, lemme post a few pics of myself on some cocky shit, why not?" posts. Lol

 ^Ya might of seen this one^
Mylez took it when we shot for the "Call Me Mylez"
video shoot.

 ^And this is one of my^
New Favorites. Mylez snapped this one for
me as well. We took this while shootin another vide
coming soon.

 ^Flight School^
One of my solo shots.

 ^The one on the Left^
Has been one o my favorites for a minute
Not too long ago (I unintentionally) took the
Fall/Autumn version.

 ^Feelin Myself^

 ^Oldie but goodie^
Taken with The MacBook Camera.

 ^Wait a Minute!^

^Good Times^
Respect the Beard!

There you have it! You're Welcome! Lol

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

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M33KS::4::MVS!C said...

Lol Always cool to have these types of posts. Ya look good, bro! (: Thanks for sharing.