Sunday, November 4, 2012

"Flight School"

If that title doesn't give it away, this is gonna be a post about sneakers! Lol
So if you're not interested, I'm saving you the time and eye strain and you can feel free to close the site now.


Of course by now, you know, or at least should know, I'm a HUGE SneakerHead. In fact part of the reason I picked up a camera in the first place was the sneaker game. Most of the people in my circle are also SneakerHeads. So I decided to bring a few of em together for a Sneaker Appreciation shoot and called it "Flight School"
I can remember it all started when I was a kid. I would lose my mind whenever my mom told me I was gonna get a new pair, and a new pair was never enough.

Reebok Pumps, Filas, (when they were still poppin) Nike (The reason I'm even in this game) and of course the sneakers made by the man! The man that made us all SneakerHeads. The almighty Air Jordans! Lol, I've told ya the story of when I got the OG VIII's as a kid and how that moment made me the sneaker fanatic I am today.

So seeing as how most of the dudes in my circle are Shoe crazy like me, I wanted to bring em together for an afternoon of chillen, talkin shit, and snappin dope pics of our sneakers. Somethin I wouldn't have  been able to do had it not been for Buddy's help. Good lookin cuz.

Just to keep it exclusive I set one simple rule:
Every man brings 2 pairs of kicks. A pair of Jordan's that are older than 5 years old and a Fly/Rare pair of Nikes. And may I say, the fellas did not disappoint.

The sneaker game is so whack now. Kids lining up for a week in advanced for a pair of Jordan's that have been under produced as far as quality is concerned and over priced considering said quality. So I wanted to get behind the wheel of it for a minute and bring the real back if only for one afternoon in the Bronx with my niggas.

So who did I invite out? Only the elite of course!

Tony (@iDefineFreshh)
 My cousin Tony has always been one of my favorite SneakerHeads. He's living proof of "The Strong Move in Silence." He's never been the type to promote that he's heavy in the game, but he is and from what I've always seen he's always let his feet do the talkin and walkin for em!

Penny (@P_Hefner)
Meet Penny. He's my brother from another mother. I know it's cliche and I hate using cliches but its true. He's been a part of the crew for at least 10 years and in those 10 years I can't tell you how many dope kicks I've seen him come through in. For the record, he's the only FoamHead that I fully respect, I think he owns all but a handful of pairs ever released.

Pazo (@PazOner)
 I met Pazo back in 07. We worked at 3 different jobs together and he's been like a brother to me. Aside from Buddy, he was one dude who I looked up to when it came to the sneaker game. I learned a lot from him both in the sneaker game and otherwise, and as you can see he keeps Heat on his feet! Ayo Paz, if you ain't know, you've made me a Sneaker Snob and that's why I don't respect half the niggas in the game today! Lol. Thanks Bruh.

H (@MasterClassNYC)
 What can I possibly say about H that I haven't already said? The man is the embodiment of style and he's always found a way to incorporate a fresh pair of Jordans into any set of threads he chooses to throw on. MasterClass indeed!

Myself (@EnoBull)
Ya know who I am, but this aint about me.
I want my team to shine on this one.

"Flight School" Class of 2012
The young man in the IV's in the cover pic is Trav (@OhSheetItsMe)
He came through with Pazo, and I'm glad he did. I feel the only thing that beats old Jordans is 
New ones that haven't even hit the shelf and won't hit the shelf for another month!

Only the Elite.
I had intended to let ya know what sneakers were which.
But then I thought of the audience I'm trying to reach with this project.
And any man or woman who calls themselves a SneakerHead doesn't need to be told what they're lookin at. From left to right you should be able to identify each and every pair worn.
I'll let you know this tho: There's a pair here that's 16 years old. I'll let you figure out for yourself which ones those are tho! Lol

So that's all I'm puttin on the blog.
The rest will be on my Flickr shortly. So make sure to stop by and see what else the fellas came through with:

Thank You's
Fellas, I can't thank ya enough for taking the time out to be a part of this project with me. I'm honored to be a member of a circle such as this one. 
Mylez' I guess you right, I do enjoy being in the picture just as much as I like taking it. But honestly cuz, you're one of the reasons I stayed a a part of this game after a certain point and you know what this project meant to me, so I appreciate you a 100 times over for gettin behind the camera. I must say, you did a damn good job! Thanks again man.

Stay Up, Stay Fresh, and Stay Tuned!

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M33KS::4::MVS!C said...

You know I'm not a fan of sneakers, but this post almost makes me want to switch my style up a bit! Lol It's nice to see another sneaker post, and I love that Buddy worked it out with Candace so that you could take part!