Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This is Sparta!! (My 300th Post)


What's going on ya?
So I was gonna talk about Bitches on this post (You'll understand in the next post) but while putting that post together I realized I've reached my 300th post mark.

Sheesh, where does time go? Even with my multiple hiatuses I managed to reach 300 in 4 years. So I started thinkin. What you ask? Well how every milestone I reach on this blog I decide to go back and see how far I've come, see what it is people may want me to speak about and or re cap on what I've posted in the passed.

Well no more, granted I may do that again at some point however in the current moment I do not want to look back. I don't want to live in the passed, I want to enjoy the now and hop in my DeLorean (which I've owned for over 15 years in my mind) and fly into the future for a lil bit. So what am I gonna do to celebrate this 300th post? Something I've done before, just a lil different this time around. I'm gonna write a letter to myself. You're more than welcome to be nosey and read it. Lol, so here goes:

Sup Meng?

When you look back and read this, (which I know you will) I just want you to know that this was the short time period in your life when you sat down to think of the following

-You had just turned 25, so you were thinking about all the things that society tells us we should have, and the things we should be doing by the time you reach that age. However you didn't dwell on that, you were more so just feeling blessed to have made it to the quarter century mark. Fully content with life and ready for whatever curve ball it had intended to throw your way, you were walkin around with a fresh tattoo on your neck, a smile from ear to ear, just lovin the fact that you were breathin. By the time you come back to read this I hope you still feel the same way.
-You had just come up with a plan for the following year, to get your first car. Preferrably that 1987 Bimmer. Mmmm, are you reminicing what it was to drive her and get all those looks on the street? Did you fix her up like you wanted to? Brownish red, metallic paint job, with the gold BBS rims? Are you still driving it? Or did you get your hand on the wheel of that 64 Impala already? Lol. You also had plans of getting a motorcycle for the followin summer so that you could ride out with Kenny, Ryan, Perse, and Penny... How they doin? And what was it like hittin 160 on the West Side highway on that bad boy? I bet you got a few speedin tickets on that motha f%$kah... Yeah right!? Why would you let the boys catch up to you while you on a bike right? Lmao. Yoooo, Remember those Yeezy's? You paid more for those sneakers than you've ever paid for any one item your entire life, possibly til this day, and that's including all the cameras you've ever bought. By the way, how's the photography goin? Have you reach Johnathan Mannion status yet?
-Remember this was the time period when you knew that 25 was gonna treat you great. You didn't have a care in the world, yet you still had a plan that you were gonna follow. This is right around the time you met Ash. This was the moment in your life where you felt you had been given a fresh start, all because the calander landed on the 14th of August yet another year. After all, they say a black man in America isn't always fortunate to see 25. Is that still a belief? Ah, well who cares. You made it, you graduated from young man to that good ol' 25&Older bracket. It felt great, and like I said I just hope that when you return you feel the same man.

Get back to whatever it is you were doin man! You aint get rich by sittin around reading old ass blog posts and tearin up being proud of how far you've made it! Lolol.


Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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