Friday, May 18, 2012

Never Change

What's good ya?
Yo fellas, lemme ask you something: You ever be having conversation with a female and you tell her about a girl you like and she gives you a list of hatin ass reasons why you shouldn't? Like: "Eww, you like her? Why? You know everything on her is fake right?" Or something like: "You know she got a man right?" Lol, So what trick!? Why you hatin' Lol!

Anyway, that had absolutely nothing to do with today's post although I may use it for a future post.

But anyway, onto today's business.
Have ya, by any change seen the video of Hov speaking at a rally or something of that nature in Philedelphia to promote a project he has alongside Budweiser?

Well if you haven't try to find it and fast forward to about 3:45 in the video where Jay actually starts talking. He goes on for a while and mentions what he'll be doing with this program and then goes on to say how he feels Philedelphia has always had talent and yadda yadda yadda. I would go into more detail but ya lazy ass can go and find the video so that you can see what I'm talkin about. Lol.

At this point Freeway, a Philly native and former (I believe) RocaFeller Records (Jay-z's Record label) recording artist came up on stage. Okay, so this is where it gets interesting.

Jay, who is of course in some un doubtedly expensive sneakers under a pair of fitted jeans, a white tee and a blazers seems to be un appreciative of Freeways presence. Freeway who is in a regular graphic tee and some baggy jeans seems to simply want to support a former co-worker and friend in his endevours to promote any positive movements in his hometown, is standing there waiting for Jay to finish speaking. Jay barely aknowledged him and didn't even give the brother dap. (That's a hand shake for those of ya who may not be too savy with the slang. Lol)

So when the moment comes for a picture to be taken, while the entire audience is watching and the cameras are rolling, Jay very politely and discreetly places his hand on Free's back without saying a word and sways him away from the stage! Damn Homie! Lol
I was watchin the video thinkin: "..................." That's right I didn't know what to think, I just know I didn't like it.
Let's analyze this together shall we?
Looking at it from all angles, there is some fault here on both parties. For starters, no matter how excited he was, Free should have practiced a little more restraint and realized that this had very little or nothing to do with him and stayed in the audience instead of coming up on the stage. Because now in the long run what happens is you end up lookin like the guy that got denied a dance at the club during that ONE song that you NEED a partner to dance with. All your boys are ridin cheeks, and you just so happen to be standing under the spot light cold and alone! And Nobody wants to be that guy. Lol So that's one part.
However, Hov, knowing this man personally should have practiced a little more humility and allowed his former co-worker and friend a chance to enjoy the glory of the moment. Yeah this had little to nothing to do with him, but shit, don't treat homie like Lil Mama at the MTV awards! that's foul. At some point or another you've broken bread with this man and now you alienate him in public and treat him like some bum on the street who tried to get in your picture.... I mean I'm sure there's more that went into Jay's thought process when he was doing what he did, but I'm only going off of what I saw on the video.

So lemme tell you how I feel about this, although (like I said) there was fault on both sides, the Jerk Award goes to (Drum roll please) Hova the god.

And now I'll tell you why, I have a problem with even the idea of people getting too big for their britches. Yes, you are a multi millionaire, you have fine suits, a Hollywood famous Bombshell wife, you ride in very expensive cars have your own jets, and are involved with several big businesses. But brother, please don't ever forget you came from the same pissy hallways in Marcy projects in Brooklyn that so many other people came from. You came from the same struggles, the same street corners you were cut from the same cloth as the rest of us. yeah you worked hard to get to where you are and I commend you for that, no one can take that from you, but you know good and Cot Damn well you werent born with a silver spoon in your mouth.
Hov is my favorite rapper but I don't like seeing people become too big to show the little people anymore. I hate feeling that someone think they are better than the rest simply because they have more 0's in their bank account.
What happened to the Jay-Z that came to TRL on a scooter and a Du-Rag, the one that said "Went to MTV in Du-Rags, I made them love you" You being in reference to the guys on the streets. What happened to the Jay-Z that said "thug nigga til the end tell a friend Bitch, Won't change for no paper plus I been rich" looks like that nigga changed!

And I'm not saying don't change, cause of course we all have to change, it's a part of our evolution, its a part of growing up and getting older. But change for the better. Do I make any sense? It's very possible to change and not forget. And that's all I'm sayin.
Same goes for Kanye, another one that I'm a fan of, but he's on Twitter airing me and a million other people out. Saying he hates seeing people in Button up shirts and hoodies, off brand sneakers and sweat pants, etc. etc. etc. meanwhile this is the same man who got on a stage with a womans blouse and has been seen parading around town in leather skinny jeans!? Come the fuck on bruh, don't spit on your fans cause you don't like their wardrobe, You another one, you were wearing Jordans and a white tee last week, now you got some bread its all Margiela kicks and Versace furniture? have a seat on that fancy silk couch my man. Humble your self. You went from "tank on empty, whippin my mommas Volvo" to "Lamborghini Mercy" with no stops in between. Cut it out b!

I find myself wondering, is this what being wealthy is about? Is it possible to become stupid filthy rich without becoming a fuckin jerk!? Would Oprah shit on me if she bumped into me on the street tomorrow cause I'm not dressed a certain way or because she doesn't recognize me from the Fortune 500 club? If that's what it's about you can keep it. In fact I'd like to say a prayer right now:

Dear God,
When I become rich, please remeber to keep me planted to the ground, Remind me that I am not stronger than the earths gravitational pull.

As for the homies on that "Otis" record, the ones that asked us to "Watch the Throne" all I ask is that ya remember where ya came from. You 2 niggas are men from Brooklyn and Chicago. No matter how hard you try to make the rest of the people believe that you are royalty, at the end of the day, me and a whole bunch of other people still see you two as regular human beings. Hov wasn't your song called "never Change"? Yeah, I thought it was.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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