Saturday, March 31, 2012

Quarter to 8 (Super Random)

Good Morning Bull Penners!

Oaky, so it's 7:45am on a Saturday morning... Yes, Right now! I know, I'm asking myself what I'm doin up too. So I'll tell you. Here goes: Yesterday when I got home from work all I wanted was to enjoy a lil smoke and float away to where ever my body would take me. Kids, don't do drugs! (I feel I have to put that disclaimer up even tho I don't really feel that weed is a drug lol, but anyhoo) So prior to purchasing my medicine, I went to the store to buy munchies, cause there's no way I was gonna walk to the store after I smoked, shit would have felt like it took an hour. So I went, got some salt & vinegar potato chips, some cap'n crunch cereal and a honey roasted turkey sandwich with bacon on a hero. Yea it was that serious.

Came back, went to the back yard and lit my spliff. Lemme tell ya somethin... The highest I ever been was back on July 12th, 2009. I remember it like it was yesterday, it was the night of our company party at Dave and Busters on Time Square back when I was workin at 'TopMan.' Me and a few of my co-workers (I'm leavin out names cause I don't want to indict nobody) decided to pregame HARD! We each got a personal bottle of our liquor of choice and ciphed about 4 blunts which all had a different type of weed in em. For those of you who may be a lil lost on what that means, a cipher is simply a circle of people passing the blunt around takin hits and passin it on. The word comes from Hip-Hop but I won't get into that, I aint google. Movin on, when I tell you I was smacked, I mean 4 fingers, a thumb, and a hot palm straight to the side of my face b! The earth was spinnin diagonally.
^That's the night this was taken.^
Don't know who's Georgi that was, but you see 
me reachin for the ash tray.
Photo: Courtesy of the homie JKissi!

Since I haven't been as high..... Til Last night!
I bought a dime and faced it. Again for those who are stuck, a dime is $10 worth of weed and faced it means I smoked it by myself. After that I took about 3 hits from another blunt that was being ciphed. Son! SON!
Listen to me, the room was spinnin and I don't even know how to describe my vision, you ever see a movie where the camera looks like it was shooting in front of a bunch of fun house mirrors to depict the person going crazy, like drunk or high or delusional or something? That's how everything looked. To the point that I almost even became paranoid. I remember everything clearly. I watched Mike Epps and Donnell Rawlins standup and I thought I was gonna die from the lack of breathing from laughin so hard. Lol. The munchies tasted like fine italian cuisine that's how amazing they tasted. Lol. Afterwards we popped open a bottle of wine that I got at work, it was very sour, but who cares I just think it was very boss of me to smoke a blunt and sip on some fine wine, don't you? Nigga I still even remember my dreams from last night, I think I still may be a liiiiiil high actually. Lol. Good effin times man!
^Just like that I found a reason^
to love my back yard! Lol

Anyway, movin on to the rest of the randomosity that is going on in my head. I'm sittin here patiently waitin for my vacation man! I'm going to Honduras for 10 days. Ooooooowwwweeeee! I cannot wait. 10 days of beach goin, drinkin, partyin and actin a fool without a care in the world. Shit is gonna be epic. I haven't been out there since 06, so you know I'm hype! My bag is already packed, My carry on will be packed by tonight and from there the only thing left to do is wait til the 4th! AAAOOOWWW! Lol.

I just got my passport the other day and I'm very proud of the picture that I used for it. Lol, you know I'm a clown right? I thought to myself: "How effin cool would it be to take the picture for my passport with a bowtie on? Lol I put on a black shirt, black bowtie and got the picture taken. Oh you don't believe me? Peep:
Lookin like my name is 
Eno Muhammad Allah Understanding

My big homie CFK says I look like a Terrorist, and told me not to wear big rubber shoes when I go to the airport. Lololol. I guess that's his way of wishing me luck. Lol
But I don't need any extra luck, you know I always carry my Lucky rabbits foot with me!
Of course I carry a lucky rabbits foot. Lol, nah lemme explain. I'm like the least superstitious person you will ever meet. I don't fear black cats, I'd walk under a ladder if I had to and Friday the 13th is just a cool sounding calandar date to me.
But I will admit I do kinda sorta believe in good and bad luck. A liiiiiiil bit. Lol. When I turned 17 my aunt gave me a "Lucky Dollar" and it's still in my wallet til this day. You wouldn't believe how many times I've been down to my very last nickle and thought to myself, "Fuck it, imma use that buck, but I just can't do it. That dollar is probably one of the reasons why I haven't starved to death! Lol
The other day tho I found another form of luck (for me at least.)
Look what I found on the floor of the 19 bus stop:
^My Lucky Bordeaux Rabbit's Foot^

Lol, are you confused yet? Well pull up a seat, here's where Eno takes pride in teaching his audience something new.
Back in 1992, the greatest basketball player of ALL time, Mr. Michael Jeffrey Air Jordan released the 7th installment in the Jordan sneaker line. The 7's (seen in the picture above in baby size) were worn by Buggs Bunny in the ads for the sneaker which earned them the name "Hare 7's." The hares were this very same style, except in a different color. The Hares were white and red with a greyish color mixed in. So when I found this baby shoe that day I thought to myself, "Oh snap, it's a pair of baby 7's. It aint the hares but it's the same sneaker. And there's only one so it's like I found a rabbits foot" You get it now? Lol Nevermind me man, I'm just pourin out the shit in my head.

I got a new Tattoo..... Wanna see it? NO! Lol.
Nah, I really can't show it tho. It's like my first "Personal" tattoo so to speak. They're all personal, but this one is probably the most personal. 
But I can at least explain how I mean it. 
You've heard the expression "Wears his emotion on his sleeve" right? Basically a person who is very upfront with how they are feelin. They damn near wear it like a mask on their face. Well that's me. There are no grey areas with me and expressin how I feel. You'll know when I'm happy or pissed off, upset, whatever. However, Buddy told me I have to learn to control that. So I'm proud to say that more recently only the people who actually know me know when I'm feelin what I'm feelin. I'm learning not to let everyone in, especially those who I don't know and trust too well. Emotions are a very funny thing and lettin other people know them can lead to them controlling them. And that can be dangerous. So now I almost know how to cover up everything with a smile. My mask is deceiving, not always but you know. But if you know me that well then there's no need for a mask. If I trust you then I can show you my emotions comfortably. 
So, I got a tattoo hidden in my sleeve that represents me "Wearing my heart on my sleeve" but you can only see it sittin there if you know me well enough. See what I did there? Lol.

 ^Maybe this is it right here!^

Well I guess that's the end of this post... I'm gonna go see if there's still any Cap'n Crunch left! Ha!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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