Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kill It!

"Racism still alive, they just be concealin it...." - Kanye West

Sup Bull Penners? So I literally started this blog post the day of the Casey Anthony verdict, but simply didn't have the motivation and drive to finish it. However, recently, I've refueled my tanks and I'm geared up to not only finish, but to add to the topic of race and discrimination. So without further ado, Here's my new post:

What's goin on folks? How's everybody feelin? I hope things are cool.

I really really really didn't wanna blog about this chick Casey Anthony cause, well cause I sincerely don't care about the problems of the world. Call me what you want, but I have my own problems to worry about and I have close friends and family who go through things that matter more to me than something that happened to people who I've never met or heard of in my life. More than anything I'm getting real tired of the race card being played tho.

All over the internet, Twitter, FaceBook, and blogs everywhere you got people upset over the verdict of this trial saying things to the nature of "Oh, she's white so of course she got away with it" and dumb shit like that.... Uhhhhh, did we all forget about a man named O.J. Simpson? We all know that mother fucker killed his wife, and he got away with it, and he was BLACK! So what's the argument now? I mean are we still blind to the fact that the system is designed to work for and protect itself, not the people? Cut it out ya, Kill that noise.

Aight so by now that whole topic has died down, which doesn't surprise me either. No one is talking about the trial, the case, the verdict, in fact everyone is back to their every day lives tweetin nonsense and puttin allll their problems on facebook. Aren't trends just grand? Anyway, controversy never sleeps right?
Recently a picture of a newspaper article has emerged on the internet. The article is said to be written be a member of the KKK, (please do not quote me on that) but regardless it is written by a white person. The article addresses African American "Gang Bangers." In the letter this man thanks the black man in America for successfully killing 4000 that's (Four Thousand) black men since 1975.... Did you understand what you just read? Since 1975 til today 2011 4,000 black men have been killed by fellow black men. Sad right?
So when I saw the picture on a friends fb page I applauded the passage. But before you lynch me like I know you want to, give me a minute to explain. You see this man, whoever he may be literally just wrote the words that I've been saying for as long as I can remember. Shit, I hate niggas. Not Black men, Niggas, "Gang Bangers"as he put it. Why you ask? Why not? Niggas aint shit. What good to us is a black youth who doesn't have a concept of a waistline? Pants tied at the knees, can barely put together a full sentence but knows exactly how to aim to kill another man who looks just like him? Please tell me, what sense of pride should I feel knowing that this dude on the bus who looks like me is carrying a weapon or is carrying drugs and has possibly killed before? Don't get me wrong either, do whatever you have to do to survive homie, Lord knows I aint tryna bump heads with you. I'm not tryna preach or come off like my name is Bill Cosby either. All I'm saying is that despite the authors race, the word, the WORDS he wrote were very truthful and well written.

When I said that the man deserved a medal in my comment a young lady took serious offense to it. This young lady said that she couldn't understand how a black man like myself can sit here and defend this man and make him out to be some sort of master or superior being. While I don't know where she ever got the notion that I was making him out to be a superior being, I responded to her and told her what I am about to tell you who are reading this. You see I wasn't defending a man, I wasn't defending a race, I was defending a mind that verbalized the thoughts that were being thought at the moment that this article was written. What should it matter what color this man is? In fact let's make it a race issue for a second: If Kanye West had been the author behind this article would it have been as controversial? If the words were written by me, right here on this very blog site, would it make your skin crawl? No right? Why because I'm black. And so what you're saying is that a Black man can bad mouth another black man, but regardless of the things being said being true a white man can't say those things?

This is the double standard that confuses me. Cause when I see any black comedian making fun of all the white people in the audience, the black people are holding their stomach, running out of breath from the severe amounts of laughter. So a white man can't do the same thing in his own way? People, listen to me: There is NO room for that kind of mentality in today's world. What's good for the goose is good for the gander, or however that saying goes. You can't support one and shun the other.

I don't know why this bothers me so much but if I sat here and wrote about it it's obviously buggin me. You know I know a man who actually told me to my face one time: "White people were originally monkeys, and I don't care what you tell me, even the ones with girlfriends are gay." Wow dude, really? How is that ANY different from a white man saying that about a black man? Cause I know in my heart if he heard a white man say that he'd flip. So where does all of this come from? Segregation doesn't exist anymore, we don't have to sit on the back of the bus, we don't drink from separate water fountains.... We  are actually allowed to interact with one another now, and learn from each other. And don't get me wrong, I make my jokes and statements about white people, but they are never very different from the very same statements I make about black people. So I can understand jokes, but when you're convinced in your ignorant opinions there's a problem.
I feel like I'm just rambling on. The point of this is simple, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, whatever, we are or at least should be one race. The Human race!

Kill that noise ya. Lynch ignorance, not people. White people (those of you who hate black people) look at it this way, you're no different than the ones who hate you. Look at that, you have more in common than you thought. You're a black man too! Lol, how discolored does that make your confederate flag look now? And to the black people (those of you who hate or have ignorant thoughts about white people) think about it like this: You saying the dumb shit about them should automatically give them the right to crack jokes and make the same ignorant statements about you. So next time you hear one slip and say "Nigga" or crack jokes about your big lips, remember when you were making fun of the way he walks, or the time you cracked jokes on the skinny jeans he wore with flip flops. I hope ya see where I went with this. Hopefully One of ya got it, and if I didn't change anything I at least know that I sleep well at night knowing I have no problems with anyone in particular, if anything, I hate everyone the same doesn't matter what color you are! Lmfao! But be safe ya...

Check out the picture of the article:
^The truth is the Truth regardless of who it comes from^

^*Bonus* I hate to be cliche, but check it out^
How different are we now?

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!


Angel said...

Bull I swear everytime I think u've posted ur best blog, u surprise me! I have to honestly say that this gave me chills because as a fellow mbr of the "human race" I feel the exact same way but have NEVER heard anyone, especially a STRONG SECURE black man, express this or do so this well! Lets me know I aint alone & just naive in this ef*d up world! #MadRespect & love!!!

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Anonymous said...

I agree and think the same way all the time

Eno Bull said...