Friday, July 8, 2011

Forty Stacks!


Aight this celebration is a lil premature due to the fact that a more fitting milestone would be fifty thousand. But who cares. This is my blog and I can celebrate when I want for what I want. Lol, but above all else I'd really, simply like to take this time out to thank ALLL my readers. From the ones who stop by every single day just to see if I updated, to the people who've only clicked my link by mistake. Lol I appreciate each and every last one of you. I feel the need to stress this as often as possible: "My blog started as a personal journal which eventually found its way on to the internet. My intention was never to speak to the people from the mountains..." But I guess if Forrest Gump can simply pick up and run and pick up about a thousand followers I can pick up a few myself huh? Lol. In all honesty I feel that this blog has helped me grow over the passed 3 years (In August.) I've gone back to read a few of my old post and I can honestly say that (at least in my opinion) the blog has matured with me.

So for those of ya who follow me, either from the gate or recently, this is a milestone for you as well. From an addicted sneakerhead with a few opinions, the the dude up the block with the dreads, to the young man who learned to appreciate dressings up as much as he appreciated white tees, to the man you see here before you. A photographer, a self proclaimed Renaissance man, a young adult who's only getting better with age... Some people rap, some people play sports, some exercise, I write a blog. So for those of ya who see me as the Lebron, or the Jay-Z of the blog game THANK YOU. To those of you who don't like my blog.... what you doing here then? Lolol, But really folks like I said considering I started this for my own personal therapeutic outlet its good to see that people are actually listening. I will continue to appreciate ya.

Be Safe... I have a very serious blog post coming early next week (possibly Sunday night) for ya. So make sure ya tune in aight? Dueces!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!
40,000+ Views and Hopefully 80,000+ more to come.

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